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In fiscal year 2010, NIC will publish Programs and Activities: Tools for Managing Inmate Behavior, a practical resource on keeping inmates productively occupied.
The company helps a variety of legal, business and government professionals collect, manage and use information more productively.
Understanding Your Conflict Management Style is an informed introduction and instructional reference for analyzing workplace conflicts and dealing productively and cautiously through the process of conflict resolution.
What studies don't show, however, is how engaging PLTs can be and how the products are helping teachers work productively with students.
End users without any prior knowledge of UNIX or Linux can now instantly work productively with X Windows-based applications.
The concluding essay of this section, Joseph Roach's "The Enchanted Island: Vicarious Tourism in Restoration Adaptations of The Tempest," pairs productively with Bartolovich's in its emphasis on the Restoration Shakespeare as "an early modern version of the commodification of experience itself' (64).

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