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Second, they offer opportunities for self-improvement, possibly helping inmates function more productively in their communities upon release.
This money could be used more productively in the free market, rather than hunting down harmless foreigners for deportation.
Consistency is no small feat: one might expect an anthology on two metamorphic poets to prove hopelessly (or productively, if one goes in for discontinuity) varied, even motley.
It has been applied productively in studies of magnetic disk storage systems, magnetic sensors, and most recently, to nanoscale magnetic random-access memory devices.
Bringing together some one hundred works--not only paintings, drawings, and sculptures, but also films, videos, and installations--by seventy Italian artists under the age of forty-five, Riva defines our moment with respect to this key artistic phenomenon, whereby traditional genres have been productively contaminated by "low" influences such as noir, pulp, pornography, and comic strips.
Enterprises today need to share knowledge to operate more productively.
The company helps a variety of legal, business and government professionals collect, manage and use information more productively.

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