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In the spirit of intellectual friendliness and ecumenism that guides Engaged Buddhism, my hope is simply that readers who are exploring Buddhist social theory would at least begin to consider the productiveness of the conversations proposed above for the ongoing awakening-struggle.
The productiveness of Baines in the absence of the injured Ashley Cole has sparked debate over whether the Everton man should now usurp his Chelsea rival as a regular starter for his country.
Landowners can add a new way to measure the productiveness of their land with the number of canvasbacks, gadwalls and pintails they see," said DU CEO Dale Hall.
By and by he will take up the earth, and have his gardens and vineyards in the beautiful order and productiveness of his thought.
Established in 2009, the Hydro Technology Centre at Qatar Science & Technology Park aims to improve safety and productiveness of the Qatalum smelter through both technology development and training, in close co-operation with Qatar University.
8220;Great lecture, actually gave me great self-awareness, and better ways to achieve goals, and stop sabotaging myself and my productiveness at work.
Notice that when I give you an inducement to exercise (say) your productiveness, the payment I make to you is not a loss to me (not even a short-term loss) but a gain.
Frost, in other words, is a self-performing producer who posits artmaking as inescapably inflected by, on the one hand, a global ideology that apotheosizes productiveness, and, on the other, an art world that's become the glossily contoured province of a leisure class.
This helps you replenish nutrients in the soil to improve the productiveness and quality of your veg.
The productiveness of DRT service is measured by the following indicators: the size of the fleet, total run and empty run (Quadrifoglio et al.
Roberts' recent volume on The Necessity of Errors (2011), which looks at the productiveness of errors and mistakes.
She thus examines how the productiveness of Jordan's work depended on financial resources (provided in large part by Walter Rothschild) and networks of individual naturalists working in the field, both of which could be disrupted by such events as depression and war, as well as on scholarly presumptions about the proper activities and methods of the taxonomist, which changed over time.