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That is, through the productiveness of labor the composition of capital undergoes a dramatic transformation as the variable component lessens in relation to the constant component, as a given quantity of labor power is able to transform greater sums of means of production into useful products.
A good example of the independent productiveness of capital (and a better illustration of the relationship between capital, labor, and increased production) are revealed by the work of hauling sacks: a person can haul one sack one mile in one hour and is exhausted; (1) with a horse, ten sacks can be hauled twice as far in half the time (yielding a twenty-fold increase in output) and (2) with a truck five hundred sacks can be hauled forty times as far (yielding a twenty thousand-fold increase in output).
The potential productiveness of rippin' in particular is totally counterintuitive at times.
Outlined are also specific peculiarities of industrial management in the Republic of Bulgaria and parameters of the level of productiveness in conditions of business globalization and priority forms in marketing of the ready product / service in XXI century.
Modern data networks help to increase the intelligence, efficiency, productiveness, comfort, safety and security of ships, ship traffic and offshore equipments.
And last weekend the productiveness of Wolves' academy showed itself with six of their seven substitutes at Peterborough being homegrown players.
guarantee the productiveness of Saudi's future workforce.
The productiveness of Baines in the absence of the injured Ashley Cole has sparked debate over whether the Everton man should now usurp his Chelsea rival as a regular starter for his country.
Landowners can add a new way to measure the productiveness of their land with the number of canvasbacks, gadwalls and pintails they see," said DU CEO Dale Hall.
Established in 2009, the Hydro Technology Centre at Qatar Science & Technology Park aims to improve safety and productiveness of the Qatalum smelter through both technology development and training, in close co-operation with Qatar University.
The GUI also alerts the operator to any signal confidence failures and enables a single operator to supervise multiple events at the same time, greatly increasing the productiveness of the call center team.
This helps you replenish nutrients in the soil to improve the productiveness and quality of your veg.