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1937, "The Proem of Parmenides", Classical Philology, vol.
The proem has a variety of explicit functions: it defends painting (likening it to the 'paintings' of nature), compares painting with other visual arts, and explains the work's generic backdrop (rather than focus on individual painters, the text will "describe the forms of painting by bringing together addresses for the young, from which they will interpret and appreciate what is esteemed in them" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
Spenser's treatment of the moon and the stars as unknown though potentially knowable places ties in with other places he names in proem 2--Peru, the Amazon, and Virginia (FQ 2.
all the works those wise sages, And brave exploits which great heroes won, In love were either ended or begun; Witness the Father of Philosophy (IV proem 3).
I thought, in this connection, of Frost's "The Pasture," a little poem that serves as a proem to Frost's oeuvre: "I'm going out to clean the pasture spring.
But the point I'm often sort of trying to make in my poetry, or whatever one should call it (Tuma's not sure), is that as much as I would like things to be different--in the sense of wishing people didn't strut and pose as rebellious and advanced when they are really earnestly licking an institutional dance pole of professionalized, proto-Mainstream compliance (and in this regard, by the way, the tachisme gallery that is American Hybrid could be seen, more generously, as a gesture toward honest acknowledgment of what "oppositional" poetry has come to)--it's going to take much more to change the dispensation than the teeny hypocritical criticisms I can muster in my poems or proems, the best about which can be said, as Tuma himself has it (though in praise, I hasten to add
A first important observation may justify our reading of this proem as a bearer of sophistic meaning, and not just as a rather meaningless and cliche introduction.
Ovid's refusal to enunciate 'Augustus' in this context can be seen as mirroring the programmatic statement for his choice of 'Caesar' in the proem.
57) The Middle English version of pseudo-Jerome that follows immediately on the Huntington catena in HM 501 (Figure 3) is introduced with a short rubric (Here bigynnep leroms Sautir) and has a prose proem in the form of a generic prayer that declares its devotional purpose:
I start with a brief discussion of Achilleid's generic secondariness as articulated in the proem, followed by demonstration of how Statius' allusions to Ovid can enlighten our understanding of his ambiguous representations of Achilles' gender--as both essential and constructed.
Out of that milieu emerged most of the 12 essays here on such topics as pragmatic presupposition and complementation, dialogue, whether Greek particles are just a literary phenomenon, text types and narrative structure in Euripidean messenger speeches, the perfect as a situating cohesive device, and the proem of Hesiod's Theogony.
But in the proem of "Orphans," playwright Dennis Kelly presents an altogether more unsettling monster.