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PROFANE. That which has not been consecrated. By a profane place is understood one which is neither sacred, nor sanctified, nor religious. Dig. 11, 7, 2, 4. Vide Things.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The most significant effect of the Montjouvain seduction and its profanation of paternal love, however, is not the premature death it inflicts on the composer Vinteuil but the genesis of his deathless music.
Over the snow my creaking feet Disturbed the slumbering village street Like profanation, by your leave, At ten o' clock of a winter eve.
For example, those charged with mutilation of the Hermae or profanation of the mysteries, if the arrest was made in Athens, were executed, their property confiscated and sold.
When trouble surfaced again fourteen years later during a visitation of Hay's kirk at the Bothans, Lord Yester offered evidence of profanation of the sabbath by Hay.
The crime, widely regarded as an attempt to overthrow the democracy,(61) was soon, like the profanation of the Mysteries, associated with the activities of the komastic groups.
With them, however, that a man dreamed about the same woman seven times or more is considered a mortal sin and a profanation of the sacred character of dreams (they consider, in fact, that to describe as one tells a story the images and contents of dreams with their poor language of three hundred to four hundred thousand words and as many symbols would be an absurd and pretentious blasphemy).
13), and debates such questions as his relation to a scandalous classicism, the problem of aesthetic unity, transvestism and profanation, Judaism and sadism.
From lies of tongue and pen From all the easy speeches that comfort cruel men From sale and profanation of honour and the sword From sleep and from damnation Deliver us good Lord.
There have been more serious racist crimes in France, notably murders of Arabs, but the profanation of graves and the mutilation of corpses discovered on May 9 and 10 in Carpentras, where Jews have lived since the Middle Ages, was such an event.
"It is acceptable if an earthquake changes the course of the river, but if man does it, it's a profanation."
Dans son intervention, il a denonce la profanation repetee de la mosquee Al-Aqsa, deplorant le mutisme des musulmans face a ce qu'il a qualifie de [beaucoup moins que]provocations israeliennes[beaucoup plus grand que].