profane language

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I have gone shooting trips with several of them in the course of my life, and they have always proved themselves the best and bravest and nicest fellows I ever met, though sadly given, some of them, to the use of profane language.
it hinders profane language, and attaches a man to the society of refined females.
More and more people are coming out of their silence over extra-judicial killings (EJKs), President Duterte's pugnacious ways, profane language, abusive attitude toward people, and confusing foreign policy.
The two Lebanese sisters overheard the Lebanese man cursing them and using profane language during the brawl.
Summary: Sisters drop their case against suspect who assaulted them and used profane language in club
At the same time, the data also elucidate how carnival was an ambivalent phenomenon wherein certain students strategically used carnivalesque, profane language to critique their experiences in school and give voice to their sense of dissatisfaction of being in a newcomer program and labeled as an EL.
In the book's closing section, Adams examines how profane language enriches three popular creative works.
He raised his voice, used profane language to complain about the government, said that he had nothing to live for, and threatened one MSHA inspector that he would 'find where he lived' and that Andersen would not 'go out [die] alone.
com/products/1080711-bible-2-trade-paperback "Editor's note: Site contains profane language.
Game of Thrones star Jack Gleeson said he struggled to play evil King Joffrey Baratheon because he's a polite person who does not swear and avoids profane language.
Muhammet Feyzi AygE-n, who works as an investigatory judge at the Justice Ministry's European Union General Directorate, was revealed to have been targeting critics of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and even insulting them by using profane language.
The board made its decision after conducting a 40-minute closed-door hearing with parent Saul Patu, who claimed that Wagner directed demeaning and profane language toward his daughter, at practices and in games, that constituted harassment.