profane oath

See: blasphemy
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The next day there was another visit to Doctors' Commons, and a great to-do with an attesting hostler, who, being inebriated, declined swearing anything but profane oaths, to the great scandal of a proctor and surrogate.
According to the hymn, at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, but all too often, 'Jesus Christ' is the profane oath of the workman who has hit his thumb with a hammer.
It ought not be concealed from the citizens of Worcester that acts of cruelty and meanness are sometimes perpetrated, that profane oaths and shameful falsehoods are often heard on the playgrounds -- even of our Infant Schools.
Chapter 4 makes an arresting case, in a discussion centered mainly on More, Foxe, and Shakespeare, for the apparent burgeoning of profane oaths as a reaction against all the oath-taking forced by religious political crisis on Tudor subjects, and sees a terrible, profane (hence still religious) space of privacy being wrung from or wrested for the subjected self, most memorably in Othello, Shakespeare's most curse-infested play.
But grand jury presentments for the counties where the Church was most firmly established confirm that, well into the eighteenth century, the gentry were routinely and publicly presented and just as routinely excused for laxity in living up to even that lowered standard, as in curbing a proclivity for swearing profane oaths.