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Irreverence towards sacred things; particularly, an irreverent or blasphemous use of the name of God. Vulgar, irreverent, or coarse language.

The use of certain profane or obscene language on the radio or television is a federal offense, but in other situations, profanity might fall within the protection of the constitutional guarantee of Freedom of Speech.


noun billingsgate, blasphemy, cursing, denunciation, derisive language, desecration, disrespect, execration, foul language, foul talk, invective, malediction, obloquy, profanation, profane language, profaneness, swearing, vilification, vituperation, vulgarity
Associated concepts: censorship, obscenity
See also: imprecation
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Then he kept saying all these profanities, which should never tolerated.
Persons who utter such profanities are generally negatively evaluated by others (e.
Offense at profanity was assessed by selecting three common profanities related to urine, feces, and sex: piss, shit, and fuck.
The bird, formerly owned by college room-mates, blurts out profanities at will.
The interim social media policy of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) was silent on the use of profanities by accredited social media practitioners.
During a court appearance on Thursday at Ventura County Superior Court, Bagai yelled profanities and accused sheriff's deputies and Judge Bruce Clark of being agents of Israel.
Colt relates the story of these six pivotal weeks in his life, and his voice is often anguished and always credible, sprinkled with profanities as he battles toward hard-won realizations (there's also a bit of sex and rather more talk about it).
I'm referring to profanities, about which there have been many articles in the international media following Duterte's public utterances and now, the release of an old videotape where Trump dropped a p-word while talking about women.
Since Graph Search is slated to become an important pillar in people's Facebook habit, as CNet news reports, an app that helps you erase past mistakes-and that means profanities and offensive photos and information you've once posted-would be helpful to keep your profile squeaky clean.
In a live interview on Channel 9, O'Neal dropped a pair of profanities, which went out over the air before anyone could hit the ``beep'' button.
For older teenage girls who have enjoyed the Princess Diaries books; there are a few profanities and references to sex here, making it more appropriate for mature readers.
Although witnesses had reported that the three men yelled profanities aimed at homosexuals during the first attack, hate-crime allegations were not proved in court, Chung said.