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They should also be aware that the PROFESS software has integrated an intuitive procedural workflow and even has video tutorials which guides the user how to set up the system and register the patient.
The system operates by linking with a computer platform such as Stryker ADAPT, Stryker NAV3 or Stryker NAV3i, and uses live video images captured by a miniature video camera mounted on each of the Profess sterile, single-use navigated surgical instruments.
The presence in the model of numerous multiplicative terms involving legislative professionalism leads to very strong multicolinearity: Regressing Profess on the remaining independent variables in equation 1 yields an [R.
When her sister Mariana wanted to profess at Santa Maria de las Huelgas where she was already a nun, but lacked the necessary sum for her dowry, Ines de Velasco pledged her own estate to cover her sister's expenses.
After the severe jolts of the past century, the replacement of the human by the machine, and the machine by information, it is easier for an artist to profess an interest, even an obsession with an idea, image, or activity than to profess a faith in the power of an image, to give him- or herself over to its peculiar charge.
The authors, with more than 50 years of combined business experience, profess to have learned the value of this concept on the job; indeed, Martin Mand was for years the chief financial officer at Northern Telecom, now Nortel Networks.
Another and more subtle kind of abuse is the practice of evaluating students in the same course by different standards, depending on whether they profess an interest in the supervising physician's specialty.
Mr Marwan Ziadat, Country Manager of Grapheast Jordan--sole distributor for Adobe systems in Middle East--announced an agreement with AGA Profess Graphics and Modern systems for providing adobe technologies to AGA Profess Graphics.
Our Catholic politicians are quite candidly pro-choice and profess that two people of the same sex have a basic right to be married, implying that marriage has nothing essentially to do with children.
While "Christianity may be the religion of the majority of Zambians," there are "many dedicated Zambians who profess other faiths," they said.
It is wrong for a public authority to compel its citizens by force or fear or any other means to profess or repudiate any religion.