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Eight women professed perpetual vows at age 60 or older.
But by sullying the faiths they so publicly professed, the three have reminded many evangelicals of their historical aversion to mixing religion with politics.
Nearly everyone was silent except Kluver, who professed E.A.T's achievements no longer as glorious failures but as unmitigated success.
Some churches have taken to professing "he descended to the dead" whenever they had previously professed "he descended into hell." And we might also include the descent in our recounting of the Paschal Mystery realized in Christ during the Nicene Creed: "He was crucified under Pontius Pilate; he suffered, died, and was buried.
(And, although this brother loudly professed his preference for women "in a plain brown wrapper," he turns out to have many conquests across a broader array of hues.)
Professed political democracy does not automatically do away with patronage, a modern version of the old school tie, or a male elite.
During a given year Gomez paid out 90,000 maravedis to his sisters who were professed nuns in the city's convents: 40,000 to his sister Maria at Santa Clara; 40,000 to Ana, also at Las Huelgas; and 10,000 to Juana who had entered San Quirce.
Ironically, this photograph was taken in 1996, at the time of the most recent presidential election, and the patient had professed an inclination toward the Democratic Party.
When I took up the matter at the dean's level, the school professed to be unaware of its obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
However, one of the professed major benefits of a family limited partnership--increased creditor protection--has been frequently touted, with minimal discussion of the potential problems that could result.
PTI Chairman professed at the occasion that the Joint Investigation Team is probing into the Panama case and it is for the first time that the premier's family has been questioned regards to a matter.
He professed that Islamabad could not locked sown and the decision of Panama would be made in courts rather than roads.