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This funding will further allow the Company to implement its professed strategy.
PAT leader professed that if all the parties didn't agree over ToRs in seven months, how come these parties will agree over ToRs now.
The information secretary of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf professed at the occasion that the Qatari prince is not ready for cross-questioning as he has no answers to the questions in that case.
PML-N lawmaker professed that Imran Khan should now be well aware of the fact that there is no secret door to premiership.
He professed that whenever the matter goes towards the corruption of PPP, a huge commotion is created over the matter.
Everyone should be aware of, and very troubled by, the yawning, immense gap between the professed "pakitang tao" religiosity in our country and the groundzero daily living and practice, and how the Church of Francis plays a blind eye and even, as the editorial pointed out, is in cahoots with the despicable, dishonest and open thievery of our politicians.
The 55-year-old faces two other charges that at the time he was either a member of the IRA, or professed to be a member of the terror group.
Catholic education in high school and college is a significant factor for men and women choosing to enter a religious order, according to an annual survey of sisters and brothers who recently professed final vows.
Both Gonz and Hosoi professed graphically that "Blessed is the man who endures temptation.
Long the target of curiosity and speculation, Catholic nuns and sisters have always lived within the contexts of more than one culture, including that of the professed religious and that of their place in the secular world.
Flavored with Gannon's Midwestern charm and Irish hard-hitting honesty, A Life In Print is unafraid to level scathing criticsm against individuals or societies--whether decrying presidential canditate John Kerry's professed Catholicism when Kerry has repeatedly voted against pro-life platforms, or lamenting that the factionalized modern-day America is such a far cry away from the unified nation that came together and gave everything it had to support the war effort during World War II.
meeting, he professed his desire for a "surprise package," delivered by the engineers without his expressing an a priori objective.