professed purpose

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He encourages us to consider the professed purpose of any use of this technology as well as its implications in light of the principles of human rights.
With decimation of Al-Qaeda core in region, there seems no purpose other than aforesaid because its deeds do not match with its professed purpose of its stay in Afghanistan.
The Charities Act 2014 states that it is an offence for a person, other than a registered charity or person acting on behalf of such charity, to solicit members of the public for or receive from any member of the public in any public place, a donation for any charitable purpose or for any professed purpose which is otherwise benevolent.
If the above is a fair summary of the customer-facing change programs in banks, then, despite the professed purpose of most banks to add value, we should conclude that they are not doing enough to build the emotional connections with customers that would help protect their businesses in a transforming world.
The first of its kind, the law holds the professed purpose of promoting fresh French cooking, which has been on the wane for years.
The professed purpose of this volume is to isolate the history of seafarers of African descent from the broader history of people of color in Britain, and to popularize it (p.
Of course, Wahhab's professed purpose was to warn against what an accusation directed against Hizbullah might mean for Lebanon's stability.
The professed purpose of this book is to warn Americans about the present course of the Republicans controlling the government; to explain the cause behind the extremely antagonistic attitude that Republicans and Democrats hold toward each other; and to point out the direction that Carter, as a pious man with political experience, believes that our country should go.
In the last decade, the United States Supreme Court has reworked significant areas of constitutional law with the professed purpose of protecting the dignity and authority of the states, while frequently disregarding the states' views as to what federalism is all about.
The professed purpose of this little book is "provide a background to the concept and method of real options." The author, Jamie Rogers is a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, New York with their financial risk management practice.
It was the professed purpose of the Reverend George Davys, Victorias chief tutor from the age of tire onward, not only to foster her love of precision and to curb that "will of her own" that she often displayed, but also to encourage a course of study "more fitting to the character of a Prince than a Princess" (27, 166).
aid and training has historically fed the brutal counterinsurgency and paramilitary efforts of the Colombian army; but in the past decade, the professed purpose of security assistance has been antinarcotics efforts (see NCR, Oct.