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Though she professes to admire the imposing canon of Danish Modernism, her first building in Scandinavia embraces the more familiar International Superstar Style.
London -- Two thirds of the British population professes to believe in God.
Bushnell trains both career diplomats and political appointees and professes to find little difference between State Department veterans and big-money campaign donors.
Each article professes the need to essentially follow your crush everywhere and call him over and over, "appearing" wherever he is, and bothering his friends just to get him to notice you.
Terry senior professes love for his child but demonstrates just the opposite.
Although the Department of Finance professes to respect the parliamentary process, the Sub Committee in its fifth report charges that "this respect does not seem to be very profound," given the Department's response and actions, including the lack of mention of the proposed amendments to the Income Tax Act and a failure to respond to two-thirds of the report's recommendations.
Max Factor professes to having landed upon the perfect formula, and I have to concur.
Its source is a "public declaration," a "business" that professes a certain set of values, one that promises that its members' conduct will be within certain guidelines and that those guidelines will serve an important societal goal.
The director, who refers to a "time of transition" at the institution following the 1997 death of founding patron Dominique de Menil, professes confidence that the Menil, which apparently has right of refusal on any project Hopps develops for the Guggenheim, will benefit.
Conway, whose vegan creations include 11 types of cookies from Expresso Chocolate Chip to Cherry-Choco-Chunk, professes that "sometimes it's amazingly easy, and sometimes I have to throw 15 batches into the trash.
The local community professes the same faith and accepts the same sacraments as do all other churches in union with it throughout the world.
Judy Owen, Program Leader of Media Services from Appleton ASD professes, "The unmatched content available on SAFARI Montage from such stellar producers was the overriding factor for choosing this solution for our district.