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But in some ways, such challenges chime with the Montessori educational ethos, which professes to focus on the 'whole child', rather than just seeing pupils as the object of rote learning.
In practical terms, the only priest who will always prove necessary to people is the priest who believes profoundly, who professes his faith with courage, who prays fervently, who teaches with deep conviction, who serves, who puts into practice in his own life the program of the beatitudes, who knows how to love disinterestedly, who is close to everyone, and especially those who are most in need" (Wanderer, Sept 18, 2003).
And the answer that emerges, consistently and, I believe, undeniably, is that the Left cannot succeed unless it adheres to the values it professes to seek: democracy within the movement, intellectual rigor, absolute candor, and faith in people.
There is no way that we could have the quality wellness program that we do without WinningHabits," professes Kim Thompson, Employee Health Nurse Supervisor at Medical City.
Sylvia, more than once, professes her admiration for the U.
The feminist "documentary" professes to deal with the scandal of the secret sterilizing of women in Alberta after the passage of Alberta's Sexual Sterilization Act in 1928.
On the handclapping and head nodding "Crabbuckit"; which utilizes tambourines and dope horn riffs, k-os stays upbeat and states that there is "no time to get down because I'm moving up," and on "The Love Song" he professes over sexy beats and DJ scratches that "this is not a love song" while pleading with the people "not to get high off their own supply,"- in other words don't believe the hype but believe in yourself internally.
China is full of contradictions: it professes Marxism, but sees that free-markets are crucial to its future.
Whereas, this Council does not wish to see Davy Jones of The Monkees incarcerated, so long as he professes to be German during the Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati festivities, nor any other citizen incarcerated for taking part in the World's Largest Chicken Dance and Kazoo Band.
SCG professes that energy companies are never too early when preparing for deregulation and has expert advanced planners on staff.