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PROFESSION. This word has several significations. 1. It is a public declaration respecting something. Code, 10, 41, 6.
     2. It i's a state, art, or mystery; as the legal profession. Dig. 1, 18, 6, 4; Domat, Dr. Pub. 1. 1, t. 9, s. 1, n. 7. 3. In the ecclesiastical law, it is the act of entering into a religious order. See 17 Vin. Ab. 545.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Justice Khosa said the legal profession has always been considered a noble profession, adding that this profession is nothing sans its ideals and ethics.
Moreover, the majority of nursing students agreed that nursing is a respectful profession and hence it is equal to other professions.
In the field of electricity and water the percentage (at the stations of Al Ghubra, Al Rusayl, Wadi Al Jizi, Musandam and Al Dhahirah) to reach 78% in the profession of engineers, 100% in the professions of assistant engineer and foreman; 76% in the profession of technician and 100% in the profession of skilled workers.
In general, it's about promoting the communication profession and raising our profile among such audiences as business leaders and organization staffs.
We have to make hard decisions and follow through with hard actions to ensure that our profession remains as vital and as relevant tomorrow as it was a century ago.
Over the past decade, there have appeared a wide range of studies, ranging from the medical profession to social work, that have examined the process of professionalization as an articulation of a middle-class identity and as a strategic deployment of ideologies of science.
"Like never before, businesses are looking for people who have the unique combination of education, objectivity and financial insight that distinguishes our profession. Young CPAs are in a great position to make a real difference in business as well as in the work of the profession."
"We need to illustrate to them what a great profession this is, and how CalCPA membership is an integral part of it.
They will be on the front lines of a profession dedicated to the protection of an entire business and the social world.
The Ontario Association of Social Workers, whose membership includes the largest group of psychotherapists in the province, opposes any law creating a licensed psychotherapy profession. "Psychotherapy is an intervention and not a profession" the OASW argues in its brief to the HPRAC.
Dominelli's latest work belongs in the league of prior work by Jim Ife, Jan Fook and Karen Healy, all of whom attempt to help the reader understand the changing context of social work practice in a globalised world by offering a critical perspective on the profession. Drawing heavily from the British experience, Dominelli attempts to enables us to understand the contemporary context of social work practice so that we are fully conversant with the all too familiar changes we encounter on a daily basis.
These organizational skills are well developed from years of service to the profession in a variety of leadership roles, from editorial responsibilities for books and special issues/sections and from leading such projects as the development of successful grant proposals as well as institutional self-study materials for accreditation.

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