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He said that Turkish Police experts have made Dolphin Force, Anti Riot Force Squad a better one by providing best training and made it a professional force.
He said in past the KP was same as but now the PTI government has transformed it into a professional force and claimed that it is now counted among the best police of the world.
5billion every year on its police force to make it a professional force.
No meaningful and highly professional force could be raised with such a huge investment which itself is surprising.
In Kasur, police fired straight at the protesters, which professional force acts this way?
But the Kenyan government calls the UN report 'extremely sensational,' adding it 'carries unqualified allegations which have serious implications on the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) as a professional force.
He said Islamabad police was the best professional force and he was proud of its achievements.
Pakistan Army, as a professional force, has never done this,"the ISPR statement added.
Following their historic victory in Mosul, the ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) have proven themselves a capable, formidable, and increasingly professional force, and they are well prepared to deliver another defeat to (IS) in Tal Afar," said a statement from US Central Command (CENTCOM).
FC KP is a professional force inclusive of all tribes and sects performing their duties selflessly," COAS said.
The Indian Army as professional force takes due care to avoid targeting of civilians and Pakistan Army was expected to do the same," the Army spokesperson added.
The FC K-P is a professional force inclusive of all tribes and sects performing their duties selflessly,' the army chief remarked.

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