professional neglect

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Indeed, it is often said that a major victim of professional neglect is neglect itself.
Serious allegations of professional neglect leading to death of patients at various healthcare facilities aired by some of the television channels without bothering to confirm the story and know the realities has sent a wave of anger among the members of the medical profession with the result that they were forced to hold a joint press conference to warn all those concerned and ask the government to take necessary steps before the healthcare professionals are forced to take the most unpleasant step of going on strike and take other necessary steps.
The 'problem statement' in the discussion document reads like a litany of woes, portraying a historical, professional neglect of human resources for health at national co-ordination level that borders on criminal.
The first chapter acknowledges a long history of professional neglect of health care for children, from antiquity through the 17th century, and discusses the relatively short history of the discipline announced in the title.
The system is failing literally hundreds of children, not due to professional neglect by social workers but, on the contrary, because of the lack of social work and other support service staff.

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