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PROFESSION. This word has several significations. 1. It is a public declaration respecting something. Code, 10, 41, 6.
     2. It i's a state, art, or mystery; as the legal profession. Dig. 1, 18, 6, 4; Domat, Dr. Pub. 1. 1, t. 9, s. 1, n. 7. 3. In the ecclesiastical law, it is the act of entering into a religious order. See 17 Vin. Ab. 545.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Aside from professionalism, the Senator also admired Garcia's compassion towards fellow actors.
The funds were levied as a result of sanctions against two law firms and are to be used in conjunction with the Young Lawyers Division (YLD) to develop and maintain professionalism and ethics programs for law schools and young lawyers.
Professionalism impacts patient care, relationships and trust and also public's perceptions towards doctors.
The medical students of all four MBBS classes considered the six attributes of professionalism as important.
The researchers observed a correlation for physician burnout with increased risk of patient safety incidents, poorer quality of care due to low professionalism, and reduced patient satisfaction (odds ratios, 1.96, 2.31, and 2.28, respectively).
Based on these results, it is possible to deduce that the studies presented in this review assessed a number of aspects of professionalism but did not address its development from a more global perspective or associate personal, interpersonal, social and institutional dimensions, which is important in any assessment of professionalism.
Lewis reported that the court concluded that while the system is not perfect, there is no need at this time to adopt a formal professionalism code of conduct.
To begin, I want to suggest that the idea of professionalism does not pertain only to what we understand as the traditional "professions." An automobile company asserts that they are "professional grade." A local contractor identifies himself as "your plumbing and heating professional." A major league baseball player says of a teammate that he is "a real professional." The idea of professionalism, in these contexts, probably refers to hard work, quality performance, and dependability.
Professionalism in pathology: a case-based approach as a potential educational tool.
We searched for articles on COPEPS that described a professionalism program conducted during surgical training, including program development model/instructional design methods, aims and competencies, methods of teaching, methods of assessment, and program evaluation model/method.
The ultimate purpose for professionalism in nursing should be the delivery of competent, ethical and compassionate care for all persons, in which the client outcomes and quality of life are at the core of decision making, and support for significant others is included.

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