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Using the hidden curriculum to teach professionalism during the surgery clerkship.
Professionalism is an area of growing interest for occupational therapy.
Furthermore, teaching and assessment of professionalism was found relevant, effective and feasible in r esource- constrained countries.
Neymotin said, "Enhancing the Professionalism and judicial standards of our justice system is a professional passion I have undertaken.
Speaking on this occasion Prof Mahmood Ali Malik said that the core of professionalism comprised those attributes and behaviors that served to maintain patient interests above physician self-interest.
Results: Among 494 respondents (302 from DUHS, 192 from JSMU) the mean score of all six tenets of professionalism turned out to 11.
Other recommendations made in the report include: the need for a shared approach to strengthening professionalism training, as well as a review by universities on how professionalism training could be strengthened in the degree programmes.
CIMA professionalism is built on a combination of technical knowledge, an understanding of the regulatory framework and CPD.
Worthington, a independent researcher, policy advisor, and medical ethicist who teaches ethics and professionalism in the UK, and Hays (health sciences and medicine, Bond U.
Waisbord devotes the first few chapters of the book to an interrogation of the notion of professionalism both as a normative ideal used by journalists to delineate their field of practice, and as an analytical category through which the journalistic profession can critically be probed.
Professionalism is incompatible with "me-me syndrome" and with the attitude of an employee who perceives himself as a perpetual victim of overwork, insufficient pay, lack of appreciation, and gross inequities.
Background and Objectives: Medical professionalism is an essential aspect of medical education and practice worldwide.

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