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The labor dynamic of academic institutions has been changed by this aging of the professoriate.
Yet the problem of diversifying the professoriate is becoming ever more urgent, Armando Bengochea said at an ALASS panel on future directions for Latino faculty, particularly in light of the ongoing adjunctification of the professoriate.
The inclusion of the archival material is a gesture toward objectivity--let the readers judge for themselves from the primary sources--but it also brings us back to reflexivity: this is a book about Russian university professors and their corporate identity by a collective of Russian university professors at a time when the corporate identity of the professoriate is under significant strain.
First, class migrants have become rarer among the professoriate in recent years because of heightened elitism in law faculty hiring during an era when low-income students are in shorter supply than ever in the prestigious colleges, universities, and law schools that bestow the requisite credentials.
Glassick, Huber, and Maeroff (1997) analyzed the data and co-authored a report entitled Scholarship Assessed: Evaluation of the Professoriate.
4% did not respond to this item); level of professoriate experience (52.
Despite the prominence of claims that the university is awash in tenured radicals, only 8 percent of the professoriate identifies as "radical.
Boyer, PhD, from his landmark work, "Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate," here are some tips:
Questions addressed their underrepresentation in community colleges to better understand the historical and social contexts of the American community college professoriate, to hear the revelations about their underrepresentation, to elucidate thematic meanings derived from the collection of narratives, and to infer what these narratives suggest about the future of the community college professoriate.
Whereas full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty were once the norm, more than two-thirds of the professoriate in non-profit postsecondary education is now comprised of non-tenure-track faculty.
That the professoriate is only now beginning to wonder about the nature of this shift is understandable since the shift from modern to post-modern values perspectives is not generally well understood (Inglehart, 2008, Pew Research Center, 2010) In fact, even a cursory Google search quickly reveals a preponderance of references for catching and punishing cheating and plagiarism.
In Scholarship Reconsidered, Ernest Boyer urges an understanding of scholarly work that moves beyond academe's fetishization of discovery--that oft-romanticized model of creation that has long comprised the stock-and-trade of the professoriate.