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To offer or tender, as, the production of a document and offer of the same in evidence.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.


v. to offer evidence in a trial.

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The proffered gold-sacks were not withdrawn, though their owners were guilty of an outrageous burst of merriment.
He had proffered one to the girl but she had refused, and thus they sat in silence for some time, the silence of the night ruffled occasionally by the faint crunching of padded feet upon the soft sands of the gorge's floor.
He had proved that no one was there, but in that fact lay all the interest; and he proffered no explanation.
The government says it has problems with the property deeds submitted by businessman Benoni Urey and the vonBallmoos family to justify the bond proffered for former CBL Executive Governor Milton Weeks' release because of ambiguity to the locations of the properties and their lack of distinction.
We listened to members of the Joint Farmers Association and Agro-finance, talked about the challenges in the agricultural sector and proffered solutions which we may implement.
In advance of an upcoming jury trial, a plaintiff could not prevail on claims related to one of its asserted patents, and the court refused to present its proffered theory of damages to the jury.
Previously reported methods include assumptions of both satiety and total consumption of proffered feed when fed at a percent of body weight.
(11) Note, the process is the same for nonjury trials because judges are presumed to disregard inadmissible or proffered evidence.
A SPIRIT FLYING The other night I sat beside my father's bed Held his hand stroked his head For I knew that he was dying Deep inside I was crying Gazed upon a face so thin The spirit gone now from within Passed over to the other side Deep inside I cried With family and friends By the graveside I stood Slow the lowering of the casket Bright in the sun the polished wood From proffered spade A handful of soil I took Hardly listening to the Prayers read from the good book Allowed the soil to drop Onto the coffin top Then turned my eyes up to the skies Imagined a spirit flying Deep inside I was crying I watched as one by one The mourners left Until alone Then I openly wept.
Mistakes have been made, heads should have rolled, excuses have been routinely proffered, fooling no one.
She proffered that he would corroborate her account of Carlos's episodes of rage by recounting a telephone conversation in which Carlos allegedly furiously lashed out at Gangl after Gangl complained about Carlos's refusal to pick up Barbara Jo from the airport when she visited.
Mr Johnson's advice is not to accept the first insurance policy proffered by the travel agent, but to shop around from 'hundreds' of policies available and to always buy at a competitive price.