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To offer or tender, as, the production of a document and offer of the same in evidence.

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v. to offer evidence in a trial.

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We at for Support for MSN Billing proffer to you a big team of engineers that are accessible 24X7 to provide to all youre billing connected difficulties.
While having documents placed in the record may be a fairly simple procedure, convincing a trial court to put the proceedings on hold to permit the full testimony of several witnesses may be difficult, particularly because the statute permitting proffers does not require actual testimony, (24) and courts have the discretion to determine the method of making a proffer.
Pritchard's book proffers adventure yarns, including "Son of Light Defeats the Monster", from the Hopi people, and the Winnebago account of "Little Brother Gets Mad at the Sun."
Lamentably, it doesn't proffer much in the way of laughter or entertainment, putting its mis - matched lead characters through the emotional wringer in the futile hope that their suffering might inspire sympathy or even affection.
Although too generalized to offer more than a summary of Cervantes's female characters, Sara Taddeo proffers good insights on women's use of language and its absence, silence.
Perhaps because their tools are limited by law, localities have had to rely on available approaches such as taxes on real property, zoning, and cash proffers from residential and commercial developers--policies they can utilize--to stem the pressures from a rising population.
As for notifying the FTB, one CPA proffers this cost-effective method: Simply send the FTB a copy of the Revenue Agent's Report, with a cover memo saying, in essence, "Here is a copy of what the IRS did; please assess the tax and send a bill." Then he checks the FTB's calculations.
He proffers that what is needed is a peace movement (both regionally and internationally), not a peace process.
When asked about the biggest development related to powertrain machining, Mark Tomlinson, vice president of Technology Integration, Lamb Technicon (Warren, MI), proffers an unusual answer.
* And our first-ever communication from Elkton, MD, proffers this from reader Par Valdata, president of Cloudstreet Communications, Inc.: "I am curious about when businesses stopped growing and people started growing them.
An austere monument in pastoral Wexford landscape commemorates history and proffers hope for the future.