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The populous Asian countries of China (36), Japan (37) and Indonesia (39) all had a'low' proficiency ranking, while Taiwan (40) and Macau (42) along with Thailand (53) were even lower on the totem pole.
2) Any test or procedure listed in subpart I of this part for which compatible proficiency testing samples are not offered by a CMS-approved proficiency testing program.
But in reality the observed drops in proficiency rates reflect an increase in the proficiency standard and not a decrease in student scores or performance.
8220;The IFR Proficiency Center will add an important dimension to AirVenture and another destination site for our guests.
One of us lives in middle-income Attleboro, where the realistic NAEP-estimated proficiency dropped from 50 percent in 4th grade to 40 percent in 10th grade.
The BEC has been running proficiency workshops since 2005 to train educators and help them improve their practice.
Most states' proficiency standards were at or below NAEP's definition of "Basic" performance.
Staff at governmental, nongovernmental, and private organizations that work with non-English speaking populations consistently told us that, in their experience, a lack of proficiency in English can create significant barriers to financial literacy and to conducting everyday financial affairs.
This alignment is not only beneficial for existing ITI and Proficiency clients, but for companies still weighing and planning interoperability solutions.
With a focus on raising scores of the lowest-performing segments of the school population, and with the NCLB (2001) language of proficiency, rather than of excellence, already minimal services for gifted children have been cut and funds reallocated to remedial programs (Golden, 2004).
A common approach to this assessment is the use of proficiency testing schemes.