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Springfield: 8 percent increase in four-year graduation rate to 70 percent; 3 percent more third-grade students reading and doing math proficiently to 80 percent and 71 percent, respectively; 5 percent increase in ninth-graders on track to graduate to 76 percent
A: By working closely with organizations and education experts, Target designs innovative solutions that help K-3 students read proficiently by the end of third grade.
And 30 percent of 8thgraders performed at least proficiently in math, a gain of one percentage point.
The CIS migration process proceeded briskly until the Navy discovered that conventional means of communicating large volumes of data across locally hosted applications would require reengineering to be accomplished proficiently across the country, via the NMCI network.
Having said all that, it still behooves a person to carry the most gun he can handle proficiently.
John Santos, Pat Rodriguez, Alan Geik, Gary Eisenberg, Silvio Alava, Mark Levine, Richard Cadenas, Guido Herrera, and others, I am now proficiently knowledgeable of the huge Latin music input of the West Coast.
A few chapters down the road and I was using OpenOffice writer as proficiently as I had been using Microsoft Word.
Messias has been banned for two weeks for "less than proficiently applying the laws'' of the game following a clash between Stephen Carr and Yakubu.
Being able to spot and rectify problems, give practical demonstrations and ensuring training is carried out safely and proficiently Who do I instruct?
Highly regarded coach, teacher, and clinician Hal Wissel, will help them execute each technique proficiently and consistently on the court.
He faced an FA probe into the blunder and the referees committee today imposed the suspension when it was found he 'less than proficiently applied the Laws of the Game'.