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The RealView Profiler also provides profiling without the need for actual hardware by including four RealView Real-Time System Models of the ARM926EJ-S, ARM1136JF-S, ARM1176JZF-S and Cortex-A8 processors.
In February, the company launched the newest version of Profiler, expanding its support for virtualization with enhancements to Profiler for VMware and a new storage virtualization module, Profiler for IBM SVC, to support the leading network-based storage virtualization solution.
During application development, CodePro Profiler helps developers discover run-time problems in an intuitive and painless manner.
With Profiler, we are able to report how our hosting infrastructure is performing to our various stakeholders in ways we couldn't before.
expanded support for virtualization with enhancements to Profiler for VMware and new storage virtualization module, Profiler for IBM SVC
The launch of the Desktop Profiler is an important part of our larger strategy to bridge in vitro and in vivo experimentation and enhance the clinical relevancy of drug discovery and development -- for all researchers," said Kevin Hrusovsky, president and CEO of Caliper Life Sciences.
The new Profiler for CommVault module expands Profiler's comprehensive support for backup to ensure proactive management of backup operations and enables users to optimize their investment in Galaxy systems to ensure data is secure.
Mazu Profiler Express provides Catholic Health Care System with a level of visibility and intelligence that empowers us to rationally respond to real threats, while giving us better control over growing regulatory requirements," said Justin A.
Tek-Tools also announced that Sun will promote and sell its Tek-Tools Profiler Suite of monitoring and reporting software.
Mazu Profiler enables the Catholic Health Care System to gain the needed visibility into how systems and services on its internal network are being used and by whom.
With most profiling software, my application runs so slowly that the profiler is barely usable," says Geoff Hirst of 64Bitz Computer Consultancy Ltd.
The integration of Mazu Profiler and NeXpose enables us to achieve a true layered defense through solid protection at the network perimeter and interior.