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In addition to the initial assessment, a data steward can configure the profiler to enforce rules that, for example, ensure that a column does not exceed a certain threshold or have nulls when it should have a value.
With the decommissioning of the NOAA Profiler Network (NPN), a gap remains in tropospheric wind observations, especially along our nation's heavily populated coastal regions, that cannot be fully addressed by operational satellite observing systems.
The integration of Genedata Profiler with iRODS ensures chain of custody of the entire omics data analysis workflow, thereby significantly enhancing the security of the data and ensuring the privacy of patients being studied.
Sky Stone has decided to follow in the steps of her father FBI profiler Monk Stone.
Development of ORM-based data access code becomes hassle-free and even more efficient with LINQ Insight true ORM profiler tool.
Bruker optical surface profiler systems equipped with the optional AcuityXR mode have shown resolution of features below 130 nm in width.
The company said that using its Profiler, an application performance management solution based on Network Behaviour Analysis (NBA), the IHT will gain the visibility needed to ensure uninterrupted service between key news hubs in Paris, Hong Kong and London, in addition to its extended bureau network.
Defendants have sometimes been successful in challenging the admissibility of profiler testimony, but to the extent that profiling techniques can address the question of deterrence--beyond mere speculation--the science has merit.
M-real has commissioned a Metso Automation IQInductionPro calender profiler and will install three more profilers at mills in Finland.
This is an important opening for the Vaisala wind profiler systems in the aviation weather market in China, the company said.
Quickly: Mazu Profiler alerted on Zotob's first infection point and tracked how the worm was propagating, noting the ports and protocols being exploited and listing all infected systems.
Red Gate Software, Cambridge, England, has released ANTS Profiler 2.