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He said the profiling was long overdue as it could curb rural-urban migration.
Among the topics to be covered are: process and outcome studies on the accuracy of various profiling techniques; studies of criminal offenders to assist crime scene investigators and profilers; equivocal death analysis; serial crimes and offenders; legal and ethical issues in criminal profiling; inductive and deductive profiling techniques; and, common issues that professionals encounter in the field.
Laser line sensors are ideal for thickness profiling and edge tracking.
It also addresses both sides of the issues, including what the critics have to say about the concerns of racial profiling.
Profiling your point-of-capture inkjet printer is the best way to optimize color accuracy from capture to print.
During the summer of 2001, activists in the United States were pressing national debate on a wide variety of issues ranging from racial profiling to the plundering of national lands.
Evoke Axio 4.2 also includes a new outbound port, based on the Object Management Group's common warehouse metamodel (CWM) standard, which allows users to seamlessly move Evoke Repository information (including the schema link, and transformation information developed by Evoke Axio during data profiling) to other products that have adopted the CWM standard (such as the IBM Data Warehouse Manager product).
The federal strategy in its war on local police departments is to depict them as riddled with corruption and racism -- and in that struggle the concept of "racial profiling" is the equivalent of a tactical nuclear weapon.
The incident described above should give pause to those who think that racial profiling is simply a bogus issue cooked up by black leaders such as A1 Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to use as another publicity tool.
Classic thermal profiling of PCBs will ensure optimum, consistent quality of finished PCB assemblies; substantially reduce PCB scrap rates; improve PCB production rates and yields; and improve overall profitability.
Moen facilitated the development of the Z Texas Profile, and has worked as a member of the Bath Profiling Group.
"Although the federal government failed in the past to take the appropriate steps by passing this legislation in both the House and Senate, we know public pressure is forcing law enforcement agencies to act on their own," says Kenneth Meeks, BLACK ENTERPRISE managing editor, who recently wrote Driving While Black: Highways, Shopping Malls, Taxicabs, Sidewalks: What to Do If You Are a Victim of Racial Profiling (Broadway Books, $12.95).