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It is a proven methodology for pinpointing the most profitable customers, products, regions or channels, and for uncovering the costs of individual business processes for improvement to drive higher profit levels.
On the way up, Peregrine was profitable at $150 million--which leads to the first step of revisualization: making the company profitable at $150 million on the way down.
If Larry is your least profitable high value customer and Curly is your most profitable high value customer, then Larry has the potential to become as profitable as Curly.
These specialties usually represent the most profitable areas for hospitals.
I've prepared a basic spreadsheet (exhibit 1, page 63) to illustrate how to determine the most profitable product mix.
So, how can companies find sources of new, profitable growth?
A MIN MURAD ALVES, CEO OF Brazil's Grupo Lachmann, faces a typical challenge: turn a troubled family-run business into a profitable, modern organization.
Indeed, the Mercer study found that as of February of this year, only 12 percent of Internet companies were profitable and that they controlled 38.
The CERT provisions were enacted to stop profitable corporations from obtaining tax refunds by carrying back NOLs created by certain debt-financed transactions occurring after Aug.
The most egregious cases involve the closure of profitable enterprises in a manner that jeopardizes existing jobs.