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It is mainly in two directions--analysis of economic effectiveness and of financial profitableness of organizations.
Costs profitableness Turnkey investment solutions to Organizational efficiency increase efficiency in business management.
Most good things have their drawbacks, however, and it seems to be beyond dispute that the rain dashed the hopes of the shopkeepers, who on New Years Eve are accustomed to transact a trade that almost equals in profitableness that of Christmas Eve.
Since equity financing is available at the risk-free rate on a risk-adjusted basis, the bank will want to undertake all positive NPV loan investment opportunities and deposit issuance will be governed by the profitableness of providing deposit transaction services.
11) In another California case, the court decreed that the profitableness, or lack of profitableness, of property to a particular user does not determine value.
As a guide to actual profitableness of particular classes of work it is valueless and even dangerous.
So, to make the profitableness must go to the cost price, taking in consideration the fact that from selling price must be cut the desire margin to deduce the target-costing (Bouquin, 2004).
The quality and profitableness increase of the technological processes can be done only by cybernetic, by application of CAD (Computer Aided Design) techniques and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing).
The profitableness maximization is realized through a suite of GIS applications.