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Comparison of selected PMMS according to their outputs, shortcomings and criteria used Model Criteria EVA Accounting and other financial information ABM Accounting and other financial information BSC Financial, customer, internal business and innovation and learning information EFQM Leadership, policy and strategy, people, partnership and resources, processes, customer, people and society results, key performance indicators (KPI) CVA/CRM Customer information Performance Stakeholder Prism-PP satisfaction, strategies, processes, capabilities and stakeholder contribution information Model Output EVA Calculation of true economic profit of a firm ABM Insight into profitable and profitless activities based on customer or product viewpoint.
Religious readings therefore place the poem in a theological framework in which such seemingly profitless malevolence can make sense: the goblins represent the demonic forces which, to Rossetti, have such destructive influence in the world.
available, however, that EH needs to work the is fast becoming a information that it has profitless commodity.
Penwill, 'Slavish Pleasures and Profitless Curiosity: Fall and Redemption in Apuleius' Metamorphoses', Ramus 4 (1975), 49-82.
Pipe's hugely successful method of campaigning horses took the present as its focus and rejected profitless patience for immediate reward.
In the interest of minimizing risk and the possibility of profitless activity, manual labor is separated from intellectual labor, a conceptual operation based on the analogy that compares social processes to the chemical process of sublimation.
They are, at last, emerging from an "era of profitless prosperity" caused by skyrocketing costs in fuel and security that took its toll despite record-breaking passenger numbers.
The result of ignoring the integrative nature of morality, Aiken argued, is to misunderstand the role of several features of the moral life and put ethical discourse into interminable, irreconcilable, and profitless debate.
48) Was Morley thinking of the Naylers of this world when he wrote of Cobden: 'He usually extended his good-nature even to the busybodies who pester public men with profitless correspondence.
Thence did he drink the visionary power I deem not profitless those fleeting moods Of shadowy exaltation not for this That they are kindred to our purer mind And intellectual life but that the soul Remembring how she felt but what she felt Remembering not retains an obscure sense Of possible sublimity .
Preferential allocations of "hot" IPOs, massive first-day run-ups in price, and the questionable valuation methods used to bring embryonic and profitless companies to market all have a whiff of fraud about them, though it has been difficult to determine whether anything amounting to fraud actually occurred.