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Did he caper for joy, when you remembered the profligacy of his only son?
It's because you don't like my way of living," he charged, thinking in his own mind of the sensational joyrides and general profligacy with which the newspapers had credited him--thinking this, and wondering whether or not, in maiden modesty, she would disclaim knowledge of it.
It was due, above all, to the great satirist, who alone knew how to use ridicule without abusing it, who, without inflicting a wound, effected a great social reform, and who reconciled wit with virtue, after a long and disastrous separation, during which wit had been lead astray by profligacy, and virtue by fanaticism.
He had found that among muffin-sellers there existed drunkenness, debauchery, and profligacy, which he attributed to the debasing nature of their employment as at present exercised; he had found the same vices among the poorer class of people who ought to be muffin consumers; and this he attributed to the despair engendered by their being placed beyond the reach of that nutritious article, which drove them to seek a false stimulant in intoxicating liquors.
They forget, or will not remember, that human sacrifices, and the power of an idolatrous priesthood -- a system of profligacy unparalleled in any other part of the world -- infanticide a consequence of that system -- bloody wars, where the conquerors spared neither women nor children -- that all these have been abolished; and that dishonesty, intemperance, and licentiousness have been greatly reduced by the introduction of Christianity.
some with the last lingering tinge of their early freshness almost fading as you looked: others with every mark and stamp of their sex utterly beaten out, and presenting but one loathsome blank of profligacy and crime; some mere girls, others but young women, and none past the prime of life; formed the darkest and saddest portion of this dreary picture.
Of the asceticism that deadens the senses, as of the vulgar profligacy that dulls them, it was to know nothing.
City hit the woodwork three times in total — twice from Sergio Aguero and once from Kevin De Bruyne — and they nearly paid for their profligacy in front of goal when Dwight Gayle headed wide late on for Newcastle.
THE recent letter by correspondent Carole Price misses the point about my quip of "living in the real world' as a comparison to the attitudes of the public and private sector (Journal December 11, 2017) My original intention was to illustrate that, due to the inept and crass profligacy of many unaccountable public sector managers, huge sums of money are wasted and public services suffer as a result.
We in the North East are not immune from the effects of public sector profligacy and inept and unaccountable council leaders.
The government could do something about this extortionate scam, but it suits them to prolong Labour's profligacy.
The under 25 failed to grasp that their generation will eventually pick up the tab for their short sightedness and government profligacy.