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Bradford went close to a third goal on several occasions and paid for this profligacy when O'Connor netted his penalty.
Mr Gove's profligacy on his pet ideological experiment is being called into question from his own MPs.
It was the sort of profligacy that Barca might have been expected to punish, but they never found any consistent attacking threat - with Lionel Messi largely ineffective - to send the Catalans to their earliest exit in seven years.
Taoiseach Enda Kenny yesterday said: "I think all of that smacks of what happened during the so-called Tiger years, when you had profligacy and greed and money sloshing around in so many places, that this is further evidence of what happened.
The hosts missed a flurry of chances in the first half and paid for their profligacy when Qatar took the lead in the 37th minute through Abdulqadir Ilyas's first international goal.
Rose punished the home team for their profligacy after 66 minutes when Currie got on the end of a delivery from Chris Gray to nod home the opener.
Somebody must be held to account for this profligacy.
Writing in left-wing New Statesman magazine Blair said: "The Conservative Party are back clothing themselves in fiscal responsibility buttressed by moves against 'benefit scroungers', immigrants squeezing out British workers and - of course - Labour profligacy.
Some good, though, has emerged from such profligacy as the League Managers Association have now adopted Villa as their official charity.
Although China is often referred to as the primary financier of America's continuing profligacy, that country's total holdings, some $1.
The IMF pinpointed two periods of fiscal profligacy in Australia which were both during Mr Howard's term from 1996 to 2007.
The orderer of the survey, the civic initiative Plostad Sloboda, says the survey is a proof that Skopje 2014 upsets interethnic relations and represents a symbol of profligacy, corruption, and esthetic and historical manipulation.