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The Liberal Democrats' plan for free school meals for younger children will please parents of those children - but may seem profligate to everyone else.
Of course they don't, but that does not alter the fact that it is only our profligate, self-serving, corrupt public sector which finds it possible to hand so much of the taxpayers' money to an employee who has given only 19 years' service.
In contrast, the Clarets were profligate with their finishing, Danny Ings, Charlie Austin and Sam Vokes all wasteful as they failed to find the net for a third successive outing and extended their winless streak to six games.
Wolves had several chances to extend their advantage after the break but some profligate finishing and superb goalkeeping ensured the result hung in the balance until the final whistle.
In their usual profligate fashion Messrs Brown, Miliband and Balls continued spending to excess even when national bankruptcy stared them in the face.
bounty on his head, has made his informal entry in the political arena by moving the Lahore High Court (LHC) against the Pakistan's corruption-riddled and profligate ruling elite through his first ever 'political-focused' petition.
Two years ago Britain finally saw the back of the profligate New Labour project.
Included in this assumption is that some hard decisions will be taken on cutting back on the profligate welfare programmes that have led to the problem.
Wales conceded 15 penalties to Italy's five, but the Azzurri also missed four shots at goal, and Roberts fears Ireland will not be so profligate.
Their very own Labour Government, of course, and their very own Prime Minister Gordon Brown -who conjured up pounds 850bn for the profligate and irresponsible banks but refused point blank to cough up a few millions to keep the blastfurnace going.
No wonder people question the licence fee when the Beeb are so profligate with their cash - or rather, OUR cash.