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With fuel poverty expected to rise, it's difficult to envisage more profligate gas guzzlers.
In an effort to fight such profligate spending, workers have been put "on notice" that they should not expect wages to rise this year as much as they had in the past, he said in a separate statement released yesterday.
The researchers, whose study came out last week in the American Meteorological Society's peer-reviewed Journal of Climate, reported that water loss as a result of global warming combined with the negative effects of damming, irrigation and other profligate water use could mean a threat to future supplies of food and water.
NOT a week goes by without more revelations of profligate Government spending.
In high-end retail hotspots from Rodeo Drive to Fifth Avenue, well-heeled shoppers are asking that their luxury purchases be packed in plain white bags--or shipped to their homes so they can exit their favorite luxury haunts sans evidence of their profligate habits.
BHA spokesman Jon Ryan said: "Racing's governing body is doing what any responsible business should be doing at the moment, by not being profligate.
Dickens's biography includes his father's profligate ways leading to debtors' prison, his own interrupted education, early work experience, lifelong poor health, and his keen observations of London and the downtrodden.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to power in 2005 promising to share out Iran's oil wealth more fairly, but critics have accused his government of profligate spending of petrodollars, fuelling price rises.
The 64 duotone photographs reveal thoughtful and thought-provoking images ranging from prostitutes killing time between customers, to inebriated and profligate guests, to wear hotel staff members, to details of the hotels' now faded but once impressive grandeur.
Six years of record deficits and profligate expansion of entitlement programs.