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This may be even more true of older people who have experienced fluctuating prices and are wary of profligate spending, especially with a forthcoming election.
They added that the petition against the corrupt and profligate politicians would get the support of the public alongside their ongoing long march against the restoration of NATO supplies.
Cruz has portrayed Dewhurst as a profligate spender who proposed tax increases, blocked legislation cracking down on invasive searches by airport screeners and failed to gain passage of a bill designed to end the practice of allowing illegal immigrants to live undisturbed in "sanctuary cities."
Kerzhakov was once again guilty of being profligate in front of goal 12 minutes before the break, blazing over from Zyryanov's pull-back as Russia again toyed with the Czech defence.
The European Commission has also put forward a green paper on eurobonds, with Rehn saying, on 10 January, that they would have to go hand in hand with a "rock-solid rules-based economic governance" to prevent profligate states from free-riding on their frugal neighbours' high credit ratings.
Wales conceded 15 penalties to Italy's five, but the Azzurri also missed four shots at goal, and Roberts fears Ireland will not be so profligate.
I am amazed that in this time when huge amounts of national debt have been accumulated by a profligate government that a local authority continues to spend money as if we, the council taxpayers, are all rich people.
No wonder people question the licence fee when the Beeb are so profligate with their cash - or rather, OUR cash.
ITNEVERceases to amazemewhen I hear Tories and their chums the Lib-Demswhingeing about the profligate Labour Government.
However, the awakening of the nation against this "profligate" policy comes in a period when the citizens' ethnic and religious division in Macedonia is mostly present.
Certainly, voter frustration with the partisan, headstrong push for health care reform, profligate spending, and other perceived examples of the District of Columbia's disconnect with the electorate played into the balloting in towns and cities throughout our state.
THE MOST detailed study into the environmental, energy and social costs generated by auto manufacturers when making cars has dubbed General Motors the world's most profligate and Toyota cleanest and greenest.