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He profligately exhausted it, thereby repeating what he had done to his first wife.
It was in the 19th century that the steam rotary press and the railroad allowed books to be produced and distributed cheaply and profligately.
The massive dam turned 186 miles of wild Colorado River into more placid Lake Powell, but the red rock country around it remains much the same as it has been for centuries: profligately lovely.
Turning a profligately dis-saving government into a responsible saving one took a decade of restraint on both discretionary and entitlement spending, some tax increases, a lot of ugly political battles and difficult compromises, plus the impact of the roaring economy and the booming stock market on the revenues produced by a moderately progressive tax structure.
I would urge people to consider carefully the effects of cheaper, profligately used fuel.
Land warrants had been issued profligately by Virginia before Kentucky's independence in exchange for military service and for purchase money.
The value of this hypothetical perspective is its aid to the conscientious director in resisting management's willingness to spend the public shareholders' money more profligately than might be the case in a private company.
It is used profligately in cases where it is unlikely to be beneficial, because we have so little else to offer, and because it feels so right.
He borrowed profligately from foreign money-dealers and even pawned the treasures of the Burgundian court to the local representatives of the Medici Bank.
And they continued with their vices, acting profligately and giving nothing to their families to eat, because they saw there was nothing to be done.
California continues to increase regulations, raise taxes and spend profligately," state the authors.
Thus, Iranian oil revenues look likely to remain higher than they ever where before Ahmadi-nejad became president and started spending profligately.