profound application

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The PPA portfolio is globally available and supplemented by BASF's exceptional simulation tool Ultrasim and its profound application experience.
Bakery enzymes find profound application in baked goods or bakery products.
Jason clearly recognizes the power of "story." A parallel story within the narration includes all the elements of good story telling, and segues into an amazingly profound application message.
As such, food and beverages industry has witnessed profound application of lipids; preferably in nutraceutical products as dietary supplements and food additives.
In recent decades, fractional calculus has found a large number of profound applications, which have triggered the development of both the theory and methods for more reliable discretization and approximations of the dynamics of continuous systems.
Such diodes have profound applications for automotive, consumer electronics, communications, and other industries.
"We think it could have profound applications. This technology will be particularly useful for assessing ideal vaccine candidates for preventing malaria, help to develop better ways of performing future human trials of new potential malaria vaccines, and identifying the mechanism of action for existing vaccines and treatments," he added.
The proposed architecture will expected to have profound applications not merely in intelligent computing but in many different themes.
The artists said: "Originally offered for sale as a magic toy, the telescope's profound applications for navigation and warfare were soon realised, and perceptions of heaven and earth were turned upside down by the increased knowledge that it instrument made possible."
Such diodes have profound applications for automotives, consumer electronics, communications, and other industries.