profound study

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I found that I could not compose a female without again devoting several months to profound study and laborious disquisition.
continued Aramis; "but which requires a profound study of both the Scriptures and the Fathers.
YHWH Exists is a very profound study, which covers an incredible range of topics related to the Biblical History of ancient Israel.
My profound study of his works, color, style and themes points definately at the culture of Syrian Kurdistan.
Imad Ma'atouk, Chairman of the Syrian-Belarusian businessmen council affirmed that the Syrian businessmen have made profound study for the Belarusian market and there are many job opportunities to benefit from the Belarusian expertise in different sectors of industry.
s profound study is that it takes advantage of the fact that we know a great deal about life in Norwich in the late 14th century.
Wallace, whose novel Infinite Jest has been described as "a profound study of the post-modern condition", hanged himself in 2008, aged just 46.
The U of K spokesperson, Abdel-Malik al-Nai'em, said the decision to suspend classes was taken after profound study of the situation and to avoid recurrence of violence among students, saying the dead student was a victim of clashes among students inside the campus.
Anton Kaes explores the "archaeology" of Kluge's aesthetic in his profound study of the film The Patriot.
Sneed is an accomplished writer, but she needs some editors who know what they're doing, and she needs to write what she has down pat, because these little flaws and tiny errors erode what could have been a lovely, even profound study of human longing and love.
Global Financial Markets Forum is recognized as the region's authoritative forum to offer current and profound study by insightful and coveted thinkers about the most critical matters impacting global markets," says Mahmood Al Aradi, the Senior General Manager of NBAD's Global Financial Markets.