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Anatomical dissection gives the human mind an opportunity to compare the dead with the living, things severed with things intact, things destroyed with things evolving, and open up the profoundness of nature to us more than any other endeavour or consideration.
However, I appreciated the profoundness of the grocery guy's thought, although I don't know if he had fully worked out the underlying logic.
In fact, the profoundness of Unitatis redintegratio is precisely attributed to its divergence from such a dualistic stance, which has characterized centuries of Catholic thought and official teaching.
She went on: "There is a profoundness to my experiences.
excellent profoundness of wit, or of famous learning, and
Despite its lack of profoundness, generality and conceptual clarity, (Martin & Sunley, 2003), the notion of cluster has gained wide recognition as a model of industrial promotion and policies at both national and regional level (Porter, 1998; Press, 2006).
According to the Warriors, their stage show will help audiences "gain some understanding of the profoundness of Chinese Buddhism, the doctrine of unity of Zen and martial arts".
However, the pervasiveness and profoundness of the impact of the market economy on contemporary rural Chinese behavior during the past three decades is unprecedented.
Despite its lack of profoundness, generality and conceptual clarity, (Martin & Sunley, 2003), the notion of cluster has been widely recognized as a model for industrial promotion and for national and regional policies (*** 2007).
Our current generation has undertaken violent and painful intellectual paradoxes, after which it realized the profoundness of the nature of things.
The driving force which captivates readers of Herbert is not only "his [poetic] craftsmanship, his mastery of language, and his poetic and religious subtlety," but the foundation for the works he produced, "the profoundness of his spiritual experience" and the integrity which shines translucently throughout his works.
The sequencing of the events seems ordinary at first glance, yet there is a profoundness here which quietly emerges to touch the inner being of any reader or listener regardless of age.