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But let me represent to you,' returned Lightwood, 'speaking now with professional profundity, and not with individual imbecility, that the offer of such an immense reward is a temptation to forced suspicion, forced construction of circumstances, strained accusation, a whole tool-box of edged tools.
I beg your pardon, but professional profundity must be exact.
She is thinking we admire the length of her tail and the profundity of her mind.
exclaimed our hero, whose faculties were becoming much illuminated by the profundity of his Majesty's discourse.
And all that was in her voice was in her eyes, and in them Daylight glimpsed a profundity deeper and wider than any speech or thought--the whole vast inarticulate mystery and wonder of sex and love.
In sheer inability to express the profundity of his emotion, Dag Daughtry broke off the sentence and drowned it in his beer-glass.
It has been my yearning to spread awareness on the power and profundity of MMA all over our country.
The Slave is a compact self-help book with exceptional accessibility and a profundity that encourages repeat reads.
It falls from profundity to pretentiousness and, lacking facts or insight, makes wild assumptions of our sympathies.
The audience was captivated by the fascinating profundity of Japanese traditional music and memorable fusion of Japanese and Pakistani compositions on Thursday evening.
It falls from profundity to trippy pretentiousness and, lacking facts or insight, it makes wild assumptions of our sympathies.
The wide-roaming scenes that the reader rushes through inThe Art of Dying find humor in surprising places and profundity in the simplest, imbuing the natural, the exotic, and the domestic with equal measures of myth.