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We have put in place measures to ensure that there will be no repeat and the headteacher has apologised profusely to the parents.
The complainant said she was struck six or seven times and was bleeding profusely to her face, her clothes were torn.
The employer and her husband took the woman to the Bek Valley but abandoned her near the town of Ras Blbek because she was bleeding profusely and vomiting as a result of her infection.
She reveals she had to rush her daughter to the emergency room after her little girl's nose began bleeding profusely and she became disoriented.
We saw that a rod had pierced through the boy's body and he was bleeding profusely.
A passerby found the girl profusely bleeding in the men's toilet and called the police.
This coffee table book is profusely illustrated with images largely from the author's own collection.
A cut that bleeds profusely can lead to shock, so treat it as an emergency.
Most of cuts were on the victims' hands and they had to be admitted to hospitals as they bled profusely after the attacks.
MY WEEK Punting high Son Of The Cat was the pick of a disappointing Goodwood, and if I ever got the opportunity I'd thank Leonna Mayor profusely for the intelligent ride she gave Lutine Charlie at Lingfield on Saturday Punting low Lost In The Moment for the second start running Get out of the Victorian age Being ordered to put my jacket back on in the Richmond enclosure despite the mercury nudging the 30s and pools of sweat forming at my feet Greatest five seconds of the season so far Miss N Stead punching the air 100 yards from the finish at Thirsk on Saturday
I don't really like to thank clients for their business; I know I'm doing it right when they are profusely thanking me.
French 21, of Rhyl, said he was profusely sorry for his bad behaviour which has also included feeding a live rabbit to an alligator and handling goods stolen from a little boy's bedroom.