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Visual Studio .NET along with the .NET Framework offered an opportunity to solve all these problems by unifying the profuseness of the framework, of the developer tools with the spectacular opportunities offered by the Office platform.
The incoherence and incompleteness of this speech, the abandoned thoughts and abrupt transitions all bear witness to "the profuseness and multiplicity of the bare continuum" (123) that normally has no place in plot-driven narratives.
The profuseness of the sciences, far from strengthening our faith, has upset our unity and obscured our sense of values.
(104) Other than the numerous allusions to water, this passage also introduces the stifling profuseness of the natural world at Dilley's Creek which is developed in the second part of the novella: "The warm spring air was thick damp and breeding" (132); "Nature thickened around them" (135); "The house must have been full of field mice.
Elton takes Jane under her wing to call attention to the scarcity of resources in the Bates household, and highlight her own privileged status: in detailing her favors to Jane, she loudly advertises the profuseness of her dinners ("'which could not make the addition of Jane Fairfax, at any time, the least inconvenient'" [306]), and the idleness of her many male servants in comparison with the Bates's single maid ("'it is a kindness to employ our men"" [320]).
I hate flying at the best of times - to me it's an experience so scary I enter a terror-induced silence for the duration of a flight, sweat with a worrying profuseness and momentarily rediscover my Christianity with a prayer to God and Jesus for a death-free journey.
Her flexibility of limb and the profuseness of her steps are the admiration and wonder of two continents.