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Were selected 40 progenies with the best yield means, which were recombined at 2005/2006 season in isolated field.
The evaluation of second cycle 2 occurred at 2006/2007 season, in which the treatments were constituted by 154 selected progenies using as checks: IPR 115, IPR 114-SB--Basic Seed; IPR114-SG--Genetic Seed; DKB 390--Simple Hybrid by Monsanto; DOW 2B 710--Simple Hybrid by Dow Agroscience; and P30F53--Simple Hybrid by Pioneer, totalizing 160 treatments.
In both selection cycles 1 and 2, progenies were evaluated in completely randomized complete block design with two replication at each locations (Ponta Grossa e Londrina, Parana State).