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Tambem foram plantadas progenies suscetiveis (testemunhas), para servirem de indicador do estabelecimento da doenca na area.
In 1996, 294 backcross progenies were evaluated in two replications at Ames, IA, for the same traits as for BS35.
Thus, the objective of this work was to evaluate the agronomic traits of progenies from the crossing between Timor Hybrid and Catuai.
The following progenies were evaluated: Mossoro/M, Aracati 2/A2, Aracati 3/A3, Aracati 4/ A4, Aracati 5/A5, Aracati 6/A6, Fazenda Experimental 1/FE1, Fazenda Experimental 3/FE3, Fazenda Experimental 4/FE4, Fazenda Experimental 5/FE5, Francisca Jales 1/FJ1, Francisca Jales 2/FJ2, Joao Geronimo 1/JG1, Joao Geronimo 2/JG2, Joao Geronimo3/JG3, Joao Geronimo 3/JG3, Joao Geronimo 4/JG4, Serra do Mel 1/SM1, Serra do Mel 3/SM3, Serra do Mel 7/SM7 and Serra do Mel 8/SM8.
The Barbacena white maize landrace has been structured in half-sib progenies and subjected to selection among and within the half-sib progeny.
The progenies were evaluated in a random block design with five replicates and four plants per plot, irrigated with a micro sprinkler system.
It goes to sire's credit that none of his progenies have failed.
Regarding the estimative of annual accumulated LDM yield, progenies 1, 2, and 3 have produced 8.
Posteriormente, em 2001, foi implantado um teste de progenies em area de varzea no Campo Experimental de Mazagao, no municipio de Mazagao--AP.
Foram avaliadas 27 progenies de meiosirmaos resultantes da recombinacao de 30% das melhores progenies das 140 progenies de irmaos completos selecionadas via indice de selecao, no segundo ciclo de selecao recorrente (SILVA et al.
Progenies, an oncology-focused pharmaceutical company and the first biotechnology firm to occupy space at the tower, focuses mainly on the development of technologies to improve the lives of prostate cancer patients and their families.