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Literature works from mind to mind and is thus more progenitive.
The phallic eidos of which the flow is here a concrete life-situational expression is the very nature of her progenitive femininity.
They were not the result of a conspiracy to keep the population ignorant and progenitive but of democratic deliberation, debate, and decision.
Home--the progenitive energy, the residence of value, the provident of judgment, the measure of propriety, the shaper of ethos, rigorous examiner, inflamer of rage, source of passion, architect of love, safe harbor, possibility of wholeness and respite, determinant of isness--is the ancestral place available to all who dwell in the factor-fictive communities of Gorilla, Sea Birds, and The Salt Eaters.
Such a pair is productive, as in the often repeated brahmanic phrase, mithunam evaitat prajanam kriyate "Consequently, a progenitive pairing is formed" or its variants.