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Through this she has fully consummated her womanhood as a progenitive mother who contains her man's penis through and through.
Indeed, the aristocracy is invested in the transmission of the past--or more precisely in what Claudie Bernard has referred to as the "famille d'amont" (ancestral family) as opposed to the "famille d'aval, d'avenir" (progenitive family).
They were not the result of a conspiracy to keep the population ignorant and progenitive but of democratic deliberation, debate, and decision.
(35) Amazons demonstrate symbolically a willingness to starve themselves, even to extinction, since their removal of breasts and men puts them on a precarious progenitive threshold.
Home--the progenitive energy, the residence of value, the provident of judgment, the measure of propriety, the shaper of ethos, rigorous examiner, inflamer of rage, source of passion, architect of love, safe harbor, possibility of wholeness and respite, determinant of isness--is the ancestral place available to all who dwell in the factor-fictive communities of Gorilla, Sea Birds, and The Salt Eaters.
Such a pair is productive, as in the often repeated brahmanic phrase, mithunam evaitat prajanam kriyate "Consequently, a progenitive pairing is formed" or its variants.
Cader's volume's endpoint is the contradictory, mutually incompatible interweaving of progenitive spirits, be they artistic creation or human reproduction.
The gauchos call the former 'padre de sal' and the latter the 'madre.' They state that these progenitive salts always occur on the borders of the salinas, when the water begins to evaporate.
PSL - Progenitive Services Ltd hope to generate more jobs in the north-east and overseas in the coming months after a multi-million pound cash injection by NatWest Equity Partners.
His religious sensibility links the moment of perception with a primitive world of progenitive forces: "Oh, wonderful Orosei," he exclaims, "with your almonds and your reedy river, throbbing, throbbing with light and the sea's nearness, and all so lost, in a world long gone by, lingering as legends linger on" (166).
Schwarz-Bart, however, manipulates the legend by giving it a progenitive aspect as well as making his "Just Men" consciously aware of their status.
According to Homer's Iliad, she had six sons and six daughters and boasted of her progenitive superiority to the Titan Leto, who had only two children, the twin deities Apollo and Artemis.