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After estimation of the genotypic values for each hybrid as a function of the replications and of the six evaluations, the average of all individuals of the progeny were obtained and compared by the t-test, adopting 5% as the critical level of probability.
In the progeny section, champion group title went John Armstrong's Lay flock from Herefordshire.
For 20 years, Progeny has assisted healthcare providers with patient screening, risk analysis, order processing, clinical review, and letter generation.
As with most of his designs, Neil's pieces for the Progeny Series look as appealing on a shelf as they do on a woman's arm.
Topics discussed throughout the day ranged from framework scope to structure and we look forward to taking these forward to shape the Progeny Maritime Research Framework procurement requirements".
In addition to PROGENY, ASHA supports undergraduate research through two award programs and by collecting data on academic programs' use of selected best practices, included in CUR's Characteristics of Excellence in Undergraduate Research.
Once activated, many stem cells, including those of the hair follicle, produce short-lived progeny, called transiently amplifying cells (TACs), an intermediate step on the way to producing differentiated tissue cells.
Traditional methods of progeny testing a bull, dating back over 60 years of artificial insemination, were the results of evaluating a bull's daughter group against other daughter groups from other bulls.
Teofilo ended the year with progeny earnings of PS1,192,202.
However, progeny 9 showed low vigor (54%) when compared to progeny 14 that reached 71% emergency of the plantlets (Figure 1).