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IMP3, as a good prognostic marker, shows several attractive aspects for superficial UCs.
However, patients having -13/13 deletion plus poor prognostic markers, IGH rearrangements and P53 deletion had a shortened median OS.
Growth differentiation factor 15: a prognostic marker for recurrence In colorectal cancer.
The purpose of a prognostic marker is to improve patient counselling, assist in decision-making regarding the use of adjuvant therapy and improve stratification of trial participants.
p53 nuclear protein expression is an independent prognostic marker in clinically localized prostate cancer patients undergoing radical prostatectomy.
Macrophage inhibitory cytokine 1: a new prognostic marker in prostate cancer.
Estrogen receptor [beta] may be a prognostic marker in a variety of tumors and, as a target of selective new agonists, may become a significant predictor of response to treatment in a variety of human cancers.
In the overall survival of MDS patients, leukaemic progression was found to be the most independent predictive prognostic marker.
In addition, we have shown that AEG-1 could be a potential prognostic marker for neuroblastoma and a potential target for novel therapeutic strategies for neuroblastoma patients," he added.
Elevated ferritin emerged as an adverse prognostic marker for survival in univariable analysis and retained significance in a multivariable analysis that took into account age, gender, disease, disease status at transplant, and other factors.
Agendia was the first to commercialise a diagnostic test - MammaPrint(R) - a prognostic marker to determine the risk assessment of breast cancer recurrence.
The data suggested that sHER2 was an independent prognostic marker for SAR even when adjusted for tumor load measured by CA 15-3 levels, and is a strong independent prognostic factor for SAR in metastatic breast cancer even when adjusted for tumor load.