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What is clear is that all the prognosticating in the world pales in significance to what the voters actually do on a winter night in January in Iowa and all day on a cold Tuesday in New Hampshire.
And such prognosticating brings out the doomsayers who see the end of America as we know it.
I think you really missed the proverbial "mark" on prognosticating that "E-books are the current fad, like blogs.
Just how did this hoopla of a prognosticating groundhog begin?
THERE IS A lot of prognosticating and discussion surrounding which next generation semiconductor material will replace silicon in the electronics industry.
He enjoys seeing pileated woodpeckers outside his office window and quadrennially prognosticating about the summer Olympics using nothing more than economics.
Lawyers will typically refrain from such prognosticating because they cannot know what facts the court or jury will accept as proven, what witnesses will be found credible, what legal doctrines will be applied, and how the law will be applied to facts in dispute.
Are you tired of the perpetual prognosticating, polling, researching, questioning, querying, disseminating and conclusion drawing?
Conversely, the variables selected for analysis in this study may have not included some important prognosticating factors.
Further experiments on the described test rig are needed to get more data for creating a mathematical model for prognosticating the behavior of oil shale in an industrial-scale reactor with circulating fluidized bed.
I've never been in the business of prognosticating, but any pick-up in activity is a positive sign and such a dramatic jump in the industrial sector is a strong indicator for the tri-state area's economy and industrial real estate market.
AS WE move into the New Year,financial commentators tend to reflect on the year just past before prognosticating about the year ahead.