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The offbeat prognostication came on the same day Trump said he "will do whatever we have to do" -- including maintain the shut-down for "a very long period of time" -- to get Congress to approve the $5.6 billion he is requesting to build a barrier on the US-Mexican border.
Implicit in such prognostication is the innate feeling that peoples the world over, both on the left and the right, harbour for the humiliation of an arrogant and self-centred superpower.
LAHORE -- Extending his habit prognostication, Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid has on Thursday forecasted efforts for another forward-block has been underway within Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) by its disgruntled members.
"I found it wasn't really helping me in terms of prognostication or COPD management," said Dr.
TWELVE MONTHS since my last prognostication (and yep, I was wrong again) and the global economy is still humming along.
In the study cohort, DecisionDx-Melanoma demonstrated improved clinical risk assessment beyond current methods of prognostication, consistent with findings from previous retrospective and prospective studies.
According to the company, the objective of the study is to characterise markers that can aid in the prognostication of women who are carriers of a BRCA germline mutation.
By quantifying the quantum nature of an atom and its electrons, the equation offers seemingly magical qualities of prognostication: If you could solve it for any given molecule, you would know all about that molecule's behavior and properties--from its melting point and how well it conducts electrons to whether it's soluble in water or exhibits superstrength.
Oscar works for the Bureau of Ice Prognostication, a secret government agency tasked with making discoveries in the Arctic from the basement of its Washington, DC, office building.
Each offers some kind of prognostication or look to the future.
However, the prime minister pointed out that the "prognostication" will be evaluated every other three years since Jordan is surrounded by unrest-hit and war-stricken neighbors.