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Christakis, MD, PhD, a physician cross-trained in sociology, has examined the dynamics of physician prognostication.
Yiming Shao of China's National Center for AIDS Prevention and Control repeated this prognostication without the same qualifier.
At the time, most investors had not yet heeded the prognostication, rotating their portfolio holdings away from defensive issues to the sexier but more volatile tech sector.
In Earrings Miss Monk cast a chilling prognostication of what lies ahead in our increasingly robot-computer oriented world: a massive take-over of human function by mechanical function.
They are left with prediction, prognostication and gossip.
Almanacs have also functioned as repositories of prognostication, information, and inspiration.
My findings show that over $1 billion of investment sales transactions have been consummated in the Downtown Revitalization area since the Giuliani Plan went into effect in July 1995 Well, here goes the next round of prognostication.
The quirky rodent will show his magical prognostication early in the morning, and therefore, there are no worries that his show will clash with the Super Bowl.
The intent of the EDRN BDL Project, titled New Tools for Prostate Cancer Detection and Prognostication, is to first outline the adaptation of a newly-developed magneto-nano sensor to multiplex blood biomarkers for prostate cancer detection and prognostication (in vitro), then to subsequently propose the adaptation of the latest ultrasound technology using tumor angiogenesis-targeted microbubbles to image prostate cancer (in vivo).
A prostate test to be offered in a few months by ProActive Genetics, a company formed by Wake Forest University's School of Medicine, is the first of what is expected to be a revolution in medical prognostication, say some medical experts.
I am puzzled by Shuming Nie's prognostication that quantum dots will "be the first example of nanotechnology that can really have some practical applications" ("Nanolights
Mark Ferelli: As part of your prognostication I would like to ask about the installations of network attached storage and storage area networking devices.