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I didn't merely read the prognostications of any own epoch; I've been very interested in futuristic prognostications written in the 19th century.
Despite its depressing prognostications about the centrality of workfare in social policy, the book suggests that employment programs need not be an instrument of coercion but can be effectively linked to wider social policy initiatives that are less concerned with promoting work than with promoting welfare for all.
He said: "There have been all sorts of unhelpful prognostications but our line has always been 'it's business as usual'.
Two authors' prognostications are worthy of consideration by CEOs not only for their content, but as a sort of production script to the current economy.
To the IT manager or storage administrator, this observation contains a very important message: contrary to pundit and vendor prognostications, SANs are not going to alleviate your storage management burden automatically by consolidating storage devices into a highly manageable backend network.
Not so fast with those prognostications about the political bent of the upcoming Legislature, at least when it comes to the Senate.
Both Dear and Mitchell offer visions of post-modern futures which are much richer in human and ecological terms than the prognostications offered only a few years ago.
Three decades later, eight Middle Eastern monarchies have defied this prediction and other similarly bleak prognostications.
Like most of the other gloomy prognostications about South Africa's future, it seems unlikely that such an event will come to pass in quite such an absolute fashion.
com/cgi-bin/prnh/20080131/LATH101) PHOTOS: Daisy Dog peeking from her burrow to reenact Punxsutawny Phil's famous weather prognostications.
IRVINE - Cal State Fullerton coach Bob Burton is the resident jokester in the Big West Conference, but there was nothing funny about Wednesday's prognostications.