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Yanushevsky's not really going out on a limb with either of those prognostications. Amazon said sales of last year's Prime Day surpassed Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and the previous Prime Day -- sound familiar?
Her design automatically incorporates the DST prognostications into the slides prepared for each patient.
So here is my advice and prognostications for the year ahead.
Many now think that with Du30's prognostications and a Marcos-friendly majority in the Supreme Court, which is hearing Bongbong Marcos' electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo, Bongbong's trajectory-from the ashes of his father's infamous rule to the Senate, and now to the vice presidency-is already in the stars.
From that gathering, 20 papers consider such aspects as a critical look at the history of interpreting the Star of Bethlehem in scientific literature and biblical studies, the astronomical resources for ancient astral prognostications, the story of the Magi in light of Alexander the Great's encounters with Chaldeans, astrological thinking in imperial politics from the Hasmoneans to Bar Kokhba, and a contextualization of Matthew's Gospel in Roman-Parthian relations of the first centuries BCE and CE.
From guru warnings to brokerage firm prognostications to mea culpas, contrarian signals for the end to carnage are abundant.
Following the usual prognostications in the press earlier in the year that we were going to bake in "killer" heat, with the hottest July and August likely, I am now waiting the tabloids to warn us to brace ourselves for the coldest and snowiest winter on record, which I shall take with a large pinch of salt.
Not only are we being told the facts -- based on scientific truths -- we are being entertained by doomsday prognostications! Movies as escape or lessons?
Well, hereas a few thoughts, predictions and prognostications. Some are no-brainers; others are off the wall.
While one should not be afraid of engaging with the work of Karl Marx, one should keep in mind the limitations, errors, and contradictions of his work, now that an almost complete set of his writings is available and historical developments have demonstrated the inaccuracies of some of his prognostications, argue the editors.
But this is New England, and if Friday's prognostications were even reasonably close, the weekend brought significant rainfall.
I started off the Winter Fancy Food Show by attending some of the stand-out educational sessions where I heard that chickpeas and quinoa are hot, and soy is not, according to SPINS' prognostications for 2012.