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So here is my advice and prognostications for the year ahead.
GARRY O'GORMAN has earned a reputation for being something of a visionary among handicappers with his prognostications at past World Thoroughbred Rankings press conferences.
A concluding chapter discusses history, trends, and prognostications.
Global health officials choose the vaccine strains nearly a year in advance, which means prognostications can prove inaccurate.
Despite all of the sunny prognostications, the industry has continually lost money during that time.
Most media prognostications have the Kings missing the playoffs this season.
Early on in the national charter conversation, public faculty unions successfully opposed the proliferation of charter college and university proposals based on prognostications of academic quality erosion, the creation of academic sweatshops, and the dire consequences of operating under the radar of public accountability.
Our obvious point is that business leaders need to be careful making too many macro prognostications about the future.
If the 2004 fall elections go according to most expert prognostications, the number of CPAs holding a seat when the 109th Congress convenes in Jan.
As for Savonarola, unlike the vague millenarianism of contemporary anonymous and pseudonymous texts, oral prognostications, and mendicant preaching, his was a precise vision, conceived in response to the national and domestic crisis of 1494 and addressed to the specific characteristics and circumstances of the Florentine republic.
I think I'd feel better about such predictions if they weren't coming from the same public equity market experts whose industry prognostications have consistently been a day late and a dollar short.
The book is to typical futurist prognostications what jazz is to a symphony: Sterling riffs on what the present tells us about the world our grandchildren will inherit.