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By the end of training camp, Walker was so impressed with Verner, he turned into a prognosticator.
We've asked our resident prognosticator, Aaron Tracy, and he tells us that Georgia's Zell Miller is practically a cinch to keep Paul Coverdell's seat.
Michael Moore Hissing Prognosticator Warns presenters and honorees seconds before they offend.
As for Bush, the presidential candidate, this book is not a prognosticator in one area--the political roller coaster ride that he's already given the country.
Popular Prognosticator Has Provided Advice to Everyone from Presidents to Pop Culture Icons
So, who does Irwin Kellner, one of the most respected economists and prognosticator in the nation, believe is the presidential candidate to lead us to economic recovery and growth?
But this was only the beginning, and every time there is a pandemic, I sit waiting for the shoe to fall like some prognosticator.
Kevin Phillips earned his reputation as an acute Political prognosticator for his 1968 book The Emerging Republican Majority, in which he coined the term "the Sun Belt.
It's very strange because not one media guru or draft prognosticator says he'll get drafted.
Cohen, the Strategy Diva and annual prognosticator of consumer trends, released her much anticipated 2006 consumer trends today.
And for the San Fernando Valley, January and February have been a pretty good prognosticator.
Forbes, a widely respected economic prognosticator, returned to publishing in 2000 after campaigning for the Republican nomination for the presidency and led the company's expansion into new publications and businesses.