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Notably, prognosticator Charles Hess recently called collaboration "the New Necessity" in the April 30, 2007 interview in Barron's magazine.
Georgia's Official Weather Prognosticator, will predict his annual forecast for the citizens at the Yellow River Game Ranch on Thursday, February 2nd, Groundhog Day, 2006 -- his very own National Holiday.
So, who does Irwin Kellner, one of the most respected economists and prognosticator in the nation, believe is the presidential candidate to lead us to economic recovery and growth?
Popular Prognosticator Has Provided Advice to Everyone from Presidents to Pop Culture Icons
But this was only the beginning, and every time there is a pandemic, I sit waiting for the shoe to fall like some prognosticator.
Georgia's Official Weather Prognosticator and internationally recognized furry forecaster, braved a dismal drizzle and nearly freezing breezes to exit his Weathering Heights Mansion just after sunrise at The Yellow River Game Ranch in Lilburn, Georgia, a 24-acre animal preserve.
Kevin Phillips earned his reputation as an acute Political prognosticator for his 1968 book The Emerging Republican Majority, in which he coined the term "the Sun Belt.
BEAU HONORED BY GWINNETT COUNTY COMMISSION: Gwinnett County Commissioner Mike Beaudreau presented Game Ranch owner Art Rilling a proclamation naming Beau "Gwinnett's Official Weather Prognosticator.
It's very strange because not one media guru or draft prognosticator says he'll get drafted.
Maine Line Products sells the famous Woodsman's Weatherstick, a weather prognosticator whittled from a balsam fir branch.
Georgia's Official Weather Prognosticator, roused by sweet Georgia yams and the cheers of huddled legions of Beau Boosters -- leisurely ambled from his Southern Mansion at 07:38 AM (E.
Georgia's Official Weather Prognosticator -- roused by the southern scent of fried cheese grits; the clanging of bell ringer Cathy Hodge, Editor- In-Chef, Georgia Voyager Magazine; and a huddled mass of Beau Boosters -- waddled from his Official Mansion at 7:35 AM,(E.