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Ever since aiCIO founder Charlie Ruffel and a select few others accurately predicted in the mid-1990s that "defined contribution" was the future, lesser prognosticators have been dismissing these gargantuan pools of capital.
The company has announced plans to boost its capital spending in the next few years, which is a milestone in itself considering prognosticators were digging a grave for GM just a year ago.
Like the tragic Cassandra, contemporary political prognosticators occasionally try their hands at geopolitical divination that can also prove unpleasantly prescient.
Stunningly, after the 2006 Dodgers went into the final week trailing in the division and wild-card standings and with little going for them beyond a knack for defying linear-thinking prognosticators, they finish the season as the hottest team in all of ball.
Prophets and prognosticators, in other words, are frequently wrong.
His firm handled five of the most competitive Senate races in 2004, including the two--Tony Knowles in Alaska and Erskine Bowles in North Carolina--that prognosticators thought were most winnable.
Every year on Candlemas Day in early February, millions of eyes are focused on a strange activity in a small Pennsylvania town that calls itself the Weather Capital of the World: A 15-pound rodent named Punxsutawney Phil ("Seer of Seers, Sage of Sages, Prognosticator of Prognosticators, and Weather Prophet Extraordinary") emerges from a simulated tree stump and either sees or fails to see his shadow, hence giving us a definitive forecast of the length of the remaining winter.
The prognosticators couldn't think of many potential challengers capable of turning themselves into Pittsburgh Steelers linebackers.
But weather prognosticators don't always get it right.
Hopefully the tea leaves are right, because most prognosticators expect the economy to begin to rebound this year, with the results showing in 2003.
Bush seems to have forgotten that starry-eyed prognosticators have been saying the same thing for more than 20 years, ever since Deng Xiao Ping instituted the first "democratic" reforms in Communist China in the late '70s.
While many wine prognosticators are predicting a vast lake of wine oversupply to come, some are also predicting greater consumption levels, especially among Americans.