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Famed prognosticator Punxsutawney Phil has predicted a swift end to winter, after failing to see his shadow.
Interviewed at the Risk and Insurance Management Society's annual meeting, Franklin said prognosticators are eyeing the second half of this year for some noticeable positive growth, potentially leading to increased premium levels and rates.
Industry prognosticators suggest her set could sell around 80,000 copies by the sales week s end on Sunday.
Sooner or later, those prognosticators in the real estate industry will pick the bottom.
It's a safe bet that when prognosticators insist that things will never get better, economies around the world are already growing again.
Prognosticators in the StarTrib newsroom had predicted an 85-percent passage of the contract.
While the timing of some of the market prognosticators may be off, as markets become more uncertain, the key point I have been hearing from recyclers is to operate a business with caution and not with greed.
The company has announced plans to boost its capital spending in the next few years, which is a milestone in itself considering prognosticators were digging a grave for GM just a year ago.
Like the tragic Cassandra, contemporary political prognosticators occasionally try their hands at geopolitical divination that can also prove unpleasantly prescient.
Stunningly, after the 2006 Dodgers went into the final week trailing in the division and wild-card standings and with little going for them beyond a knack for defying linear-thinking prognosticators, they finish the season as the hottest team in all of ball.
Prophets and prognosticators, in other words, are frequently wrong.
High CRP levels are prognosticators for heart disease and stroke (which are both linked to inflammation), but its role in these conditions remains unclear.