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critical program modules are encrypted by symmetric algorithms independently of each other;
The workspace of the Asphalt Institute'83 overlay design program module is shown in Figure 1.
The second program module, which employs work-related literature, centers around an important pamphlet for university physical plant employees, the Material Safety Data Sheet Guidebook, which contains standards for handling hazardous materials.
Subsequent command program modules include the actual rate calculation based on the allocation of costs in the PUF.
The command program and command Program modules for cost allocation have been completed at this stage of model execution.
If you have written a custom program module or have used separate dBASE code utilities, you simply inform Genifer's menu creator of your subprogram's existence, and it can be called from a sign-on screen like any other piece of generated code.
Program Module Builder - Allows users that are accustomed to creating Niagara program objects to build their program objects into a standard Niagara module that can be versioned and deployed using the standard Niagara software management tools.
The subject of performance of this contract is to provide services related to the support and maintenance program module Work and Wages (hereinafter referred to as "PAM") economic information system GINIS operated at the Labour Office of the Czech Republic (hereinafter "LO CR" or individual workplaces also referred to as " Labour offices "), in connection with the transition to the use of a new wage system based on SAP, in which processing payroll in January 2016 (including salaries for this month) (hereinafter the" new payroll system "), and also with the completion Financial statements for the year 2015.
Description : The TA scope includes increasing women s participation in energy related employment and energy based livelihood opportunities resulting from the loan; provision of technical training for women to enable them to maximize such opportunities; and a gender sensitive user-education program module to improve household energy efficiency.
Contract Awarded for new managers program module 1 online modifications
Contract awarded for is bidding for growing vegetables seeds to be delivered to users estuary program module prodesal i.
Electronic auction: provision of services for technical support in 2018 of the software product as budget (for 20 workplaces) and its program modules for the needs of the financial administration of the administration of the taimyr dolgano-nenets municipal district

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