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In a series of in-depth interviews with camp professionals from various multigenerational camp backgrounds, the motivation, advantages, rewards, challenges, and the "why factor" for offering camp programming for the nontraditional camper is revealed in candid conversation .
In fact, the key staff person charged with overseeing alcohol abuse prevention programming indicated that after their experiences prior to and during the grant period, they had reached a place where all prevention program decisions factor in the evidence of effectiveness as part of their choice in whether or not to engage in a particular program element.
Its experiences serve as a model for departments large and small that are considering adding public access programming to their community policing initiatives.
The marketing possibilities of individualized programming are numerous.
Programming isn't all that difficult when you know how.
Each spring, a weekend training bonanza was held and offered Girl Scout leaders workshops on a variety of outdoor skills, crafts, activities, and programming.
As regard the relationship between partial care programming and rehabilitation, FAlloon and Talbot (1982) have observed that "day treatment has a specific role in the community rehabilitation of patients with psychiatric illness associated with handicaps in social role performance, and that the goals of a successful rehabilitation program can be derived from an analysis of the functional needs of individual patients who enter the program" (p.
Subscribe now to get the answers that will help you maintain your wellness programs in the face of rising costs to employers, motivate employees to participate in high-risk intervention programs, prove the monetary value of what you do, verify the benefits of increased wellness programming, and take advantage of the opportunities in what is a growing, in demand profession.
A great challenge for camp directors is to maintain the delicate balance between providing current programming that meets the needs of today's campers and exciting past campers and staff with a new vision of camp programming.
All four institutions will work together to plan standards, procedures and facilities which will lead to creating a long term preservation archive for public television programming produced in digital formats.
In many cases, adventure programming has provided a focus for new program development.
As digital cable and video-on-demand (VOD) services become more available in American homes, consumers are expecting more and varied programming options to address their daily needs and fit their busy schedules.

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