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Programs using an LSI have also been subjected to greater scrutiny when compared to other DoD procurement programs.
Counseling program evaluation refers to the ongoing use of evaluation principles by counselors to assess and improve the effectiveness and impact of their programs and services (Astramovich & Coker, 2003).
Many of the community-based coalitions have websites with information on their programs.
While more cities are moving toward single-stream collection programs, Minneapolis operates a strictly source-separated program.
Few with program management experience can refute that many projects and programs falter because of lack of communication, lack of people skills, or lack of leadership skills, rather than a lack of technical program management skills.
AU's lawsuit challenged only state involvement with InnerChange, not religious programs in prisons generally.
From 2005 to 2006 alone, the number of ACA-accredited family camp programs has increased 8 percent, supporting the steady rise in family camp programs across the nation.
When BusinessWeek surveyed companies in 2005 about their use of executive education programs, it found "the companies sent more than 21,000 employees to courses and spent hundreds of millions of dollars at business schools and non-university-affiliated organizations.
18 Ag-related programs per day M-F starting at 6:06 am--5:20 pm; 3 Ag-related programs per day on Saturdays starting at 6:06 am--11:45 am.
Data from this study may suggest that there is a preferred administrative placement for SI programs within an institution.

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