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However, dealing with high profile, high-stakes programs often calls for a deep appreciation of how to get things done within an organization as well as within the customer and/or industry, combined with a deft touch for handling senior executives.
AU's lawsuit challenged only state involvement with InnerChange, not religious programs in prisons generally.
From 2005 to 2006 alone, the number of ACA-accredited family camp programs has increased 8 percent, supporting the steady rise in family camp programs across the nation.
When BusinessWeek surveyed companies in 2005 about their use of executive education programs, it found "the companies sent more than 21,000 employees to courses and spent hundreds of millions of dollars at business schools and non-university-affiliated organizations.
Data from this study may suggest that there is a preferred administrative placement for SI programs within an institution.
This is a lesson that the DoD should remember when applying the LSI concept to future programs.
As a result, school counselors are increasingly being called upon to take the lead in implementing results-based programs with an emphasis on systematically evaluating their outcomes and impact on student success.
Many of the community-based coalitions have websites with information on their programs.
The National Assessment of Vocational Education 2004 report to Congress claims that students who combine strong academic and vocational programs may have better outcomes than those who pursue one or the other.
Ornish's hospital-based cardiac disease prevention and reversal programs are based on his research published in Journal of the American Medical Association, The Lancet, American Journal of Cardiology, and a variety of other professional publications.

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