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The wisest among my race understand that the agitation of questions of social equality is the extremest folly, and that progress in the enjoyment of all the privileges that will come to us must be the result of severe and constant struggle rather than of artificial forcing.
The improvement in the character and life of the Negro ministers is one of the most gratifying evidences of the progress of the race.
Unlike other technologies that require resource-intensive migration paths, Progress maintains its commitment to simplifying the delivery of business applications by enabling APs and customers to easily move existing applications forward, giving them all the benefits of all the latest features with minimal effort.
The Progress OpenEdge Division, an operating unit of Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS), providing a complete and integrated platform for building the world's best business applications, today announced new additions to its award-winning partner program designed to help both existing and prospective application partners learn how to enhance their business applications with the latest technology advances using Progress(R) OpenEdge(R) technology.
The Progress ESP platform has proven itself to meet the extremely fast-paced demands of financial service organizations where algorithm-driven trading programs must be created in hours, not days, by IT and business users alike.
IOWA CITY, Iowa -- Pearson Education announced today that two products from the company's award-winning formative assessment product line, PASeries([R])(Progress Assessment Series([R])), have undergone a scientific review by the National Center on Student Progress Monitoring.
SL Corporation, a leading provider of open business information delivery platform solutions that empower decision makers with mission-critical information, today announced that Progress Software has selected its Enterprise RTView application as the embedded customizable, real-time business activity monitoring dashboard component for the Progress Apama Event Processing Platform[TM].
Progress Sonic simplifies the integration and reuse of business components using a standards-based SOA.
Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS), a provider of leading application infrastructure software to develop, deploy, integrate and manage business applications, today announced that two of its customers, Boekhandels Groep Nederlands (BGN) and Volvo Cars (Belgium), were named in the IDG's InfoWorld 100 best projects of 2006 list.
Volvo Cars (Belgium) deployed the XDMS Dealer Management System (DMS) from Progress Application Partner XPower Automotive Software.
By using the Progress Sonic ESB technology to integrate with Volvo's corporate systems in Sweden, our Belgian dealers can access vital systems for such things as new orders, replacement parts and diagnosis of maintenance issues.
Being chosen as a finalist with all of the great technology companies in Massachusetts is a reflection of the innovative work being done throughout Progress Software.

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