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The IND allows the commencement of a pivotal phase III secondary progressive MS clinical trial in the US and has been granted on the basis of satisfying FDA criteria regarding preclinical, chemistry, manufacturing and safety data from the completed and ongoing clinical studies for MBP8298.
The polling in many states shows that the Republicans have gone too far," says Mark Pocan, a progressive state assembly member in Wisconsin.
Clintonomics was about two things--market-driven growth on the one hand, progressive social goals on the other--and this explains Sperling's rifle: The Pro-Growth Progressive.
The progressive version, on the other hand, is the nurturant family frame, in which both parents teach empathy and responsibility to their children, and by analogy, to the nation.
According to Religion News Service, more than two dozen Jewish and Christian progressive faith leaders held a two-day strategy session in Washington in early December, assessing an election in which the vast majority of the voters who cited "moral values" as a top concern went for Bush.
Let's be clear: Irreverence is a different kind of energy from the energy of boomer progressive Catholics.
The commercial critique was not the only language that American reformers used to describe urban vice, but during the Progressive era, their economic interpretation served as the unifying discourse from which anti-vice reformers constructed a powerful legislative agenda.
During the homeowners debut in March, Progressive said by offering the coverage it is adding a sales link that already exists for its auto competitors.
Assuming that frontline activists ought to have a pretty good notion of what is blocking collaboration and political impact, the interview list was taken from a compilation of progressive Los Angeles groups with "the most effective activists" assembled by the editors of the L.
The pharmaceutical companies that have had success with new medications for relapsing-remitting MS are now conducting clinical trials of these drugs for progressive forms of MS.
As Dionne notes, Progressive icon John Dewey "saw democracy not simply as a form of government but as a 'way of life.
For patients diagnosed with progressive MS, the news is a relief from the grim prognosis of the past.

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