progressive course

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This disease may present as a primary progressive type, which takes a chronic progressive course from its early onset; a relapsing-remitting type, which repeats a pattern of relapse and remission; or a secondary progressive type that shifts to a progressive course later.
Today there are no treatments capable of altering the progressive course of the disease by slowing the destruction of dopaminergic neurons.
The tumor has a very prolonged and progressive course, with a poor 20-year survival rate.
There has never been a better opportunity to put an end to the Westminster parties' cosy consensus on Trident and instead chart a new and progressive course - investing in schools, hospitals and childcare rather than on weapons with the potential to cause unimaginable loss of human life.
presentation of CBS with lower limb apraxia with relatively slow progressive course and 2.
However, these medications cannot help when the patients are in a progressive course and do not have any attacks, experts from (https://my.
One of the key features for the clinical determination of AD is its relentless progressive course," Dominic Holland, the study's first author, said.
The exact time of conversion of RRMS to SPMS can be difficult to identify, and therefore, if the exact subtype of MS remains in question, patients should continue taking DMAs until their progressive course becomes clinically apparent.
Noseda can then grab a double with the progressive course and distance winner INSTANCE (2.
The recommendations on these five problems are expected to be shared with the relevant stakeholders in the coming weeks, to help them chart a progressive course of action on the issues, says a statement of the Council here Monday.
And once patients reached the progressive course, it will only take them a few years, four to five years, before they become disabled.
Every year, Turkey is having a progressive course above the world averages.

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