progressive growth

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He also congratulated the management and the officers on the progressive growth despite numerous challenges.
Despite the hardships you have faced and continue to face, you still have managed to contribute to the gradual and progressive growth of your communities," she said.
Strong institutions, better observation and adherence to national values and fidelity to the law, as well as patriotism are collective strategies that will ensure Kenya continues on its progressive growth and development.
Adrian Lee, head of leasing at Wafi, also noted that Wafi has enjoyed a remarkably positive increase in footfall through the month of December, following on from a progressive growth through from September 2017.
This will result in more progressive growth for key areas of the region specifically Metro Clark and major cities and towns in Bulacan and Pampanga,' said Pamintuan.
However, speaking about the current economic situation, Jaitley said India remained as the world's fastest growing economy for the past three years, thus maintaining very strong economic fundamentals with progressive growth story.
Expected to close in the first half of 2018, the transaction will assist Vistra to continue on its progressive growth trajectory.
According to Central Bank data, short-term deposits secured progressive growth since the beginning of 2016, with the month of March seeing the highest hike worth AED 14.
Emirates has experienced progressive growth in Australia and since commencing services to the country, the airline has carried more than 27 million passengers on its Australian flights, boosting the nation's annual AUD$30 billion export earnings from tourism.
through its progressive growth plans spearheading the company's transformation
He added "Amr Eid will focus on leading GBI through its progressive growth plans spearheading the company's transformation and will enforce GBI's positioning as a global multilayer services provider.
Lori Merriman, director of Operations for Missouri General Insurance Agency commented, "Our progressive growth model requires a single platform upon which to quickly build our business and manage our entire organization with a single view into operations.
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